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Teenie Weenie was changed Teddy bear cub Vigny besieged on all sides attack Teenie Weenie owners in South Korea clothing brand Teenie Weenie besieged on all sides (China Ludwig garment enterprise owners Pooh) Nash, British Teddy bear has recently announced the "Tactic Bear Museum" form in Beijing, plus the previously known Disney bear Vigny, three the bears are pitted against each other in the direction of China. But compared with the IP culture, large-scale operation of global high visibility of the Teddy bear and bear Vigny, Teenie Weenie in the Chinese clothing market is still in business, leaving the original owners club Chinese pan cultural expansion plan variables will occur. The sale of "Korea bear" eland group under the brand Teenie Weenie was founded in 1980, since 2004 to enter the market Chinese, wind and wind, the main leisure, almost become a major shopping mall brand standard. Is the parent company LVMH group sold to China high-end women’s clothing enterprise Ludwig Nash, Teenie Weenie and the declining popularity of the market are not unrelated. Open the Teenie Weenie Jingdong’s flagship store, summer clearance sales will appear in front of us, at least 230 by 40, at least 450 by 80". It is worth noting that the shelves in the fall of the new products have also begun to carry out 30 percent off promotions. In the past few years, consumers are selling very expensive bear to describe the brand, began to show the price of low-end. Since last year, in large shopping malls in Beijing is often visible Teenie Weenie discount promotions. Although e.land group is "brand has a strong strength in the Korean film and China local film field evaluation for the Teenie Weenie". But in the industry view, such rhetoric is likely to sell in the stalls to raise brand value. Right now, the real situation is not too good Teenie Weenie. Korean bear has 1400 stores and discount stores in China, the annual revenue of about $42 million. But in recent years, some of the larger Teenie Weenie stores to open the restaurant business, it is difficult to say the proportion of turnover in the clothing sales very much. E.land group has put the development focus more on the tourism, shopping malls and restaurants. More importantly, get rid of the "burden" of the cubs, can help the Eland cut nearly 13 of the debt capital ratio. Although a single business PK pan culture in the field of Chinese clothing has accumulated a certain popularity, but Teenie Weenie is not the only bear in the Chinese market. At present, Teenie Weenie in China has been the only clothing as the main mode of operation. From the perspective of brand influence, Teenie Weenie and Chinese consumers are familiar with teddy Vigny and teddy bears there is still a gap compared. Under the state of Vigny and teddy bear’s Pan culture marketing相关的主题文章:

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