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Tear collapse! Five year old girl silent whisper, cry Mom – hundreds of millions of Sohu health this is a true story, a 5 year old boy hero pay and Nobel "laugh" to start telling their own story, but hundreds of millions of mothers cry! "I’m not a year old to call Mom and Dad", "listening to music will be dancing", CCTV public service film, originally so lovely. But because of a promise, have a fever after inappropriate medication, gradually lose hearing. In fact, "he promises", is our country every year because of one of the 30000 children of hearing loss caused by improper use. According to the China rehabilitation research center statistics: because of improper use, there are about 30000 children per year in China, in the silent world. 30 thousand "he promises" story, children’s medication safety index "blind". "Understanding of the concept of children’s medicine is vague, is an important cause of improper use of drugs in children. According to the survey, many parents have no concept of adult medicine and pediatric medicine, in giving their children often are unconscious, the existence of "habitual" errors, such as tablets will often adults eat directly to allow children to take, "breaking the pill" and "random amount"…… With the feeling, experience to give the child the phenomenon of drug use. The child is not your version, children need to use children’s medicine. Countless "he promises" story tells us that in the children’s drug problem, many could not be too careful. The following ten to give the child a common misunderstanding, parents must firmly grasp, must not because of their own knowledge of the blind spot to the health of children. Children use ten misunderstandings knowledge source: China pharmacy [1] Liu Junying. Children use anti [J]. misunderstanding of family medicine, 2014, 15 (2): one: forced drug use chopsticks open mouth or nose drenching forced in children crying, easy to make the drug choke into the trachea, light is caused by inflammation of the lungs and respiratory tract, severe respiratory tract blockage caused by suffocation. Myth two: Sleep Medicine children’s nervous system is immature, adaptation ability by external stimuli. If the medicine take advantage of their sleep, suddenly tongue, throat stimulation medicine and other parts of the nerve, can cause reflex throat spasm. Misunderstanding of the three: adult drug taking some parents feel that the effectiveness of adult drugs, in order to make the child as soon as possible to recover and use adult drugs to feed children, is very wrong. Such as diarrhea with Norfloxacin Capsules (norfloxacin), this medicine for children and adult I kidney damage such as Bactrim, children’s long-term use can seriously poison the kidney can also induce anemia etc.. Misunderstanding four: the abuse of vitamin on the growth and development of children’s play an important role, but not blindly believe that The more, the better. Many medicinal vitamins have a certain adverse effects, and even toxic reactions, especially fat soluble vitamins, excessive dosage or too long may cause accumulation of body and poisoning. Myth five: epidemiological investigation of antibiotic abuse has shown that more than 90% of the upper respiratory tract infection is caused by viral infection. Therefore, upper respiratory tract infection with antibiotics is not相关的主题文章:

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