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Takeaway platform selling dish checked again — food channel — people.com.cn original title: takeaway platform selling dish checked again yesterday morning, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration interviewed again Baidu takeaway, Baidu Nuomi, U.S., home exchange, delicacy hungry 15 home network ordering platform, informed the 30 problems of the store information and the public exposure of 21 typical problems which mainly relates to businesses, not in accordance with the provisions of selling dish, not public license information, public license information alleged false and engaged in the catering service beyond the scope of permission. In addition, as of 25, the Beijing platform for the largest number of shops in the information publicity rate has been increased by almost no publicity during the period of 3 to 15 in the period of three to 86.5%. Not for health complaints hot takeaway meals in July, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug Complaint Center (12331) received on Baidu, the U.S. group, hungry complaints ordering platform 13 network report 103, the "hungry" 40, "Baidu takeaway" 32, "the United States" 31. 2/3 of the complaints reflect the platform are not clean, don’t takeaway meals, health problems such as a foreign body; some consumers reflect from meals and website promotion platform is inconsistent, and consumers reflect the field to display platform website address view cannot find. From the notification of these 30 stores to see the information, not only the presence of the information is not public license, there are still obscure or difficult to identify the identity of the search. 30 shops selling dish because of irregularities and other issues are exposed in addition to had been in the investigation of the publicity of license, license information is suspected of fraud and other issues, the recent food and Drug Administration for the illegal selling dish, super scope in catering businesses locking problem. Such as the U.S. "Huantian spicy spicy pot crayfish", Baidu takeaway "bait", and hungry "new halogen Hunan Lucai shop" more than 10. At the same time, according to the complaint, and the data of food and Drug Administration Internet monitoring center, including the illegal sale of vegetables, food and drug administration again informed the 30 stores of information, the main problems include 5 not public license information and 4 public license information is suspected of false, 2 are beyond the scope of permission to engage in catering service. Three takeaway platform store information publicity platform to improve the level of publicity in Beijing area of more than 80% of the store information, set up food safety management institutions. Baidu takeaway, the United States mission, hungry 13 platform monitoring data show that the three platforms average information publicity rate has increased from less than 10% in the period of 3 to 86.5%. Among them, the United States Mission site reached 95.4%, hungry for what is, Baidu takeaway for the 76.8%. At the meeting, the city food and Drug Administration said that the individual does not have a public license platform to accelerate the process of information publicity rectification. Food and Drug Administration requirements for all network ordering platform to further strengthen its management, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the food safety law, further strictly examine the network operator qualification, especially the commitment to implement corrective measures, fulfill their obligations, which is the only way to get consumers to truly trust. )相关的主题文章:

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