Taiwan’s defense does not know f 20, but is confident of Taiwan F16 (video)-tencent upd

Taiwan’s "defense" does not know f 20, but F16 was very confident the 20? 31 f? Taiwan’s "defense minister" innocently tell [observer network integrated] Chinese people’s Liberation Army’s next main fighter f -20 on November 1st at the Zhuhai air show stunning debut, also attracted the attention of the opposite. According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan DPP legislators Cai 2 questions to Taiwan Defense Department Feng Shikuan, show the people’s Liberation Army Air Force fighter f -20 and -31 pictures, to identify the results but Feng Shikuan Feng, do not know the two fighters, and Taiwan Army Air Force Chief of staff Fan Dawei had 31 fighters said f 20. Asked the Taiwan air force after the upgrade can match F-16V J -20, two per capita "confident". Taiwan "electronic newspaper" reported on 2, 20, the first aircraft flight performance at the Zhuhai airshow, the DPP legislators Cai adapt to 2 days in the morning in the Legislative Yuan foreign affairs and Defense Committee "question" defense minister "Feng Shikuan, were locked sailorsairmen weapons readiness issues. Ask Cai Shiying, the Taiwan air force spent only 110 billion yuan (NT $3 billion 490 million) F-16 fighter upgrades to F-16V level, can with 20 fighters? Feng Shikuan said "confident", and the air force chief of staff, lieutenant general Fan Dawei replied, "absolutely". Taiwan defense minister Feng Shikuan (left), air force chief of staff Fan Dawei (right) for the PLA fighters. Cai stressed we adapt, with F -20 assessment will win him or lose him, hope to have a complete assessment of the air force, otherwise spent NT $110 billion, we hope that is a major investment rather than money pit. Feng Shikuan said he was confident that the air force (F-16V) after the performance improvement, can be qualified for the Taiwan Strait defense mission". In addition, adaptation in question, Cai took out a new generation of fighter f -20 and -31 pictures, to fan Dave van ahead is the correct recognition, choose f -20, but later changed the answer, will admit to -20 f f -31. Cai adapted to give up, said, "I do not ask you again," the direct answer. Cai adaptation of the two batch of the machine to identify the ship failed. Taiwan air force active 143 F-16A B fighter. According to the plan, Taiwan’s Defense Department will invest NT $110 billion budget "Chin Feng plan", will promote the performance of B F-16A in the active promotion for F-16V, the fastest in 2022 completed, the work will be penned by aidc. According to Taiwan’s United Daily News website reported that the Taiwan F-16V improvement plan is the biggest progress change American AN APG-83 active phased array radar (AESA), search ability, in addition will dress helmet targeting electronic warfare pod system, etc., and collocation of the latest generation of AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missile. As for the avionics system 20, currently known to the outside world is limited, but should also have the expected AESA radar, homemade. Taiwan media said, in flight performance, F-16 has always been famous for its flexible, can turn to 9G. For the evaluation of 20 fighters, Taiwan media also quoted some anecdotal claims, such as f -20 is often questioned.相关的主题文章:

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