Taiwan media the election of Trump Andouble to the United States Japan was anxious for comfort – Soh imjpmig

Taiwan media: the election of Trump Andouble to the United States Japan was anxious for comfort – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: "Andouble trump will" appease the frightened, is Japanese. "". Taiwan’s "United Daily News" 17 daily description of the title of this meeting. Reuters quoted Trump as a national security adviser, said the words, Trump hopes to ease any possible unfounded concerns of the existence of Andouble, and confirmed his commitment to the U.S. – Japan security alliance. Andouble and trump will talk about what will be? Andouble said, the most worried about is that, after taking office, Trump will weaken the U.S. commitment to the Japanese security. At present, US troops stationed in Japan as many as 54 thousand people, distributed in the size of the 85 military bases in Japan, The Pentagon pay $5 billion 500 million a year, while Japan is paying about $1 billion 800 million of U.S. military bases, and also agreed to provide at least one cost of $4 billion for the Okinawa military base relocation and compensation. Because the issue of withdrawal of U.S. military threat to Trump during the election campaign, there are signs that Japan might be willing to pay more, but Japan still insisted that the U.S. troops stationed in Japan not only to defend Japan, but also to defend their interests in asia. Japan’s "Daily News" said that Andouble should focus on to Trump, the Japan US alliance is the foundation of peace and stability in the Asia Pacific, both from the resident US military gains. In addition to bridge the military aspects of the differences, Andouble still refused to give up in the lobby pushing Trump TPP. "Daily News" said, although Trump has said that the U.S. withdrawal from TPP, President Obama also announced to abandon the agreement, but Andouble hopes to the importance of free trade to impress Trump, prompting the softening in the TPP problem.相关的主题文章:

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