Suzhou property market turnover rose significantly September sold over 15 thousand sets –

Suzhou property market turnover rose significantly   September sold over 15 thousand sets – People’s network Jiangsu window – People’s original title: this month, Suzhou sold over 15 thousand sets, when the traditional sales season hit the soil beat effect, Suzhou property market turnover rose significantly, "Kim Gu" fineness. Data from Suzhou city housing and Urban Construction Bureau showed that as of 17:40 September 29th, Suzhou property market new commercial housing (including Wujiang District) a total of 15441 sets of transactions, the transaction area of 1 million 691 thousand and 500 square meters. Among them, a total of 12467 sets of housing listings, the transaction area of 1 million 491 thousand and 100 square meters. From the transaction situation, Wujiang district with the increasingly perfect supporting facilities and price advantages, attracted a large number of buyers to this home, housing turnover has been ranked first in the regional sales charts, prop up the Suzhou property market half the sky. In the twinkling of an eye, 2016 will soon enter the fourth quarter, which means that the day to complete the annual target has come. At this time, after the purchase of the first large-scale soil beat effect catalysis, Suzhou property market is obviously warming, and even again appeared in the first quarter panic housing phenomenon. It is understood that in October, Suzhou property market is expected to have 42 projects opened market, including pure new disc. In the hospital Suzhou branch senior analyst Ma Rongxia said that the transaction data from the September Suzhou property market, the purchase of the policy did not prevent the home buyers purchase enthusiasm, plus the earth after the shoot high plot stimulation, Suzhou continue to push up prices is expected to increase, in October, early in the wait-and-see purchasing power or will choose the market actively, set off a new round of property market boom. At the same time, she also reminded the majority of buyers, buy a house is a major event, do not blindly follow the trend, to act according to their own needs. (Song Yingchun) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin) 苏州楼市成交量明显上涨 9月卖房超1.5万套–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:本月苏州卖房超1.5万套   当传统销售旺季遇上土拍效应,苏州楼市成交量明显上涨,“金九”成色足。来自苏州市住房和城乡建设局的数据显示,截止9月29日17:40,苏州楼市新建商品房(包含吴江区)共计成交15441套,成交面积为169.15万平方米。其中,住宅类房源共计成交12467套,成交面积为149.11万平方米。   从各区成交情况来看,吴江区凭借日益完善的配套设施及价格优势,吸引了大量购房者来此置业,住宅成交量一直位居区域销售排行榜榜首,撑起苏州楼市半边天。   转眼间,2016年即将进入第四季度,这意味着为完成全年指标而战的日子已经来临。而此时,在限购后首场大型土拍效应催化下,苏州楼市明显升温,甚至再度出现一季度恐慌性购房的现象。据了解,10月份苏州楼市预计有42个项目开盘入市,其中不乏纯新盘。   中指院苏州分院资深分析师马荣霞表示,从9月苏州楼市的成交数据来看,限购政策出台并未阻止置业者的购房热情,加上土拍后高价地块刺激,苏州房价继续推高的预期增强,10月份,前期陷入观望的购买力或将选择积极入市,掀起新一轮楼市热潮。同时,她也提醒广大购房者,买房是大事,不要盲目跟风,要根据自身需求量力而行。 (宋迎春) (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章:

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