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Supreme Procuratorate 6 years involved in 29 major accident investigation and investigation of crimes 260 people – Beijing newspaper in Guiyang on 24 August, (reporter Xu Boli Li Bo) the first time to study the deployment of the procuratorial organs to strengthen investigating the production safety accident related crimes work forum held in Guiyang today. The meeting reviewed and summed up in recent years, prosecutors investigating the accident crimes involving work experience and practice, analysis of the situation facing the task, and made arrangements for the next step. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate procuratorial committee member and director of the General Administration of corruption and bribery Lu Xi attended the meeting. Lu Xi, the procuratorial organs to raise awareness and understanding of the situation, further strengthen the work involved investigating accidents and crimes of responsibility. From a strategic and overall perspective, a profound understanding of the importance of strengthening this work under the new situation and urgency, and constantly improve the working mechanism, enrich the work measures, improve the working mechanism, improve detection capabilities, effectively assume the guarantee of safe production of political responsibility and judicial responsibility. Lu Xi stressed the need to thoroughly implement the National Prosecutors crime prevention work conference spirit of the work, to strengthen and improve the anti malfeasance work. To focus, strengthen measures to improve the quality of handling cases, pay attention to the handling effect, and effectively increase the intensity of investigating malfeasance crimes; to solve problems, padded short board, to promote the work of anti malfeasance of continuous innovation and development. Reporters learned from the meeting, in recent years, the procuratorial organs conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee’s decision to deploy, focus on the overall situation of the work of production safety, strengthen measures, as the initiative, from 2010 to 2015, the National Prosecutors for investigation of accident liability according to law involved in duty crime cases 3526 5165 people. Among them, corruption and adhere to the investigation, investigating the crime of dereliction of duty crime of embezzlement and bribery 4670 people, 214 people, promote the anti-corruption struggle and diligent and honest construction; and coal mine, construction, transportation, non coal mines, fire safety, food and drug production, chemical industry and other key areas of crime of dereliction of duty 2459, to promote the stability of production safety accidents field; investigating safety production and supervision departments of administrative law enforcement personnel crimes 2591 people, promote the production safety law to improve governance capacity. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate unified organization in Jilin "6? 3" fire, Tianjin port "8? 12" fire explosion, Shenzhen "12? 20" large landslides and other 29 major accident investigation, accident investigation according to the law of crimes involving 260 people, made a good legal effect, social effect and political effect. The meeting also invited some of the top special prosecutors and the State Administration of work safety, the relevant person in charge attended the meeting. Provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) Procuratorate, military Procuratorate, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps procuratorate responsible person attended the meeting, and the exchange of experience.相关的主题文章:

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