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Sui ran: lose Beijing didn’t sleep well the team goal is to make the playoffs in Shandong difficult season [collection] Shandong Beikong 114-92 Thompson 33+13 Yang Jingmin 25 Ji’nan Qilu network November 9th news (reporter Xu Kaihua intern reporter Mou Xiaofeng Zhao Xianzhe) CBA fifth round to continue, the Shandong men’s basketball team took home court against Beikong speed. After four day battle, the Shandong team 114-92 defeated Beikong men’s basketball team, Sui ran scored 15 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals, helping the team to the end of the two game losing streak. After the game, Sui ran said in an interview with Beijing after simmering fresh, positioning is the impact of the playoffs this year the team. The last game in Shandong men’s basketball team lost to Beijing’s high-speed home court, home court for the first time in nine years to defeat the opponent in the game, after the game admits Sui ran after he didn’t sleep well, a strong fight game today. In this game, the two foreign aid team together scored 63 points, Sui ran also affirmed: "as the game progresses, two people running better, facing the new environment, or some strange, I told the foreign aid needs to relax, two people need more confidence." Sui Ran has also expressed the team’s current difficulties: "with the two foreign aid before the season just practiced less than half a month, the foreign aid understanding of CBA need time, lack of team play in Beijing in two, negative foreign aid is a very good experience." Location on the Shandong men’s basketball team this season, said: "this year, Sui ran very difficult, this position is fighting the playoffs, this is reality. Because the introduction of the 2 NBA foreign aid will threaten the crown, which is unrealistic, or the need to play every game of patience."相关的主题文章:

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