Storm in the eyes of Ninghua County Committee Leadership afraid scolded friends didn’t look at the c oboni

Storm in the eyes of Ninghua County Committee Leadership: afraid scolded friends didn’t look at the computer – Sohu news Fujian Jiangxi Sanming City at the junction of Ninghua county. This picture is the surging news reporter in an official map published 5 days after the cancellation was informed, Ninghua Sanming City County, Fujian Province, the Fujian Jiangxi border mountain town pushed to the opinion in the teeth of the storm. In October 26th, Ninghua County Committee issued "on the" teachers in the lane stalls buy food to be informed of "rectification", said "there is no strict distinction between public officials to the prohibitive provisions of laws and regulations and the requirements of advocacy, some requirements are too stiff and not properly informed, the revocation of the October 21st to buy food service personnel in Jeeves stalls bulletin. Behind a few paper bulletin, is a mountainous county in the process of urbanization encountered great embarrassment. This embarrassment, even in people who have been informed of the understanding. The afternoon of October 28th, flower stalls situation street intersection, is less than the morning time. The second page, which is not open to Wang Aihua, was an ordinary Monday in October 17th. The morning of 11, her work from a primary school in Ninghua, in accordance with the usual custom to the county flower street intersection of the street stalls to buy food. The next two hours, she had to go home to cook, leave enough time for lunch and afternoon lessons. In the afternoon, Wang Aihua came to the school, in the name of "abide by the" three to lead the eight is not allowed "behavior of the collective commitment to sign the name. But she didn’t know, on that day at noon, because she belongs to buy food stalls Jeeves, and she had people around by the administrative law enforcement personnel captured. "The vegetables every day there, I work there near home, very convenient, bought just like it." October 28th, another teacher was told Li Ping surging news that she was at the same intersection was shot. Li Ping did not remember what day was shot, she could only remember that time seems to be the unit of collective learning, "Ninghua county cadres" take the lead in the three eight no "code of conduct". "The first eight" no "is allowed to buy food, and eating stalls in the road", but Li Ping said she couldn’t tell "specific concept of Jeeves stalls". In October 21st, "on the public officials in violation of the provisions of city management Bulletin (first)" by the Ninghua County Committee for internal communication. Wang Aihua, Li Ping learned that they are on the list". "I don’t know how I was recognized, so many people, all around." Li Ping is innocent. At the same time, there is another teacher because of "buy" in the Jeeves stalls to be informed. Surging news from Ninghua County Committee learned that about 3 teachers "work assignment" by the County Education Bureau staff to complete the county committee. It is the original "internal documents" bulletin, a few days after the first page was network exposure. Criticism suddenly: "recently how are bullying teacher? To buy a dish actually caught? Track? Fishing?" Surging news reporter informed of the complete content of the display, in the file second pages, in addition to the 3 teachers, there are points相关的主题文章:

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