Stock index try to return to the rising

Stock index try to return to the rising channel, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The SWS Hongyuan securities, GUI Haoming editor Yang Xiaokun several days of continuous shrinkage finishing market Tuesday was changed, although the stock market yesterday morning walk is quite difficult, the Shanghai Composite Index fell to around 3050 points, but the afternoon rebound or have a certain intensity, the stock index not only recovered, still stand on the 3090. In shape, the stock index is back on the rise. Review the market since August 15th, the first 8 trading days in the continuous downward adjustment to 25 bottom 3041 points, then began to rebound, was also out of line 5 with Yang, but these are too short for the entity, thus forming the rising channel is not clear, especially the decline in September 1st, not only broke the short-term the average of almost all, but also make the market risk of broken down. In this case, if not pulled out a strength of the line, change down form, then the outlook is not only technically is not optimistic, but also will bring no small impact on the mentality of investors. Fortunately, yesterday pulled out a solid 19 point line, change the market downward form, stock index looks back up channel. What’s more, the already vague rise of the channel has now become clear, which is clearly conducive to improving investors’ expectations for the future. Of course, these are just in terms of form. Tuesday’s rise may seem a bit abrupt, but it can still find evidence in many ways. For example, the central bank announced and safe of RQFII investment in the capital market and the amount of funds for approval of the combination of the regulatory model, where the investment amount is less than the size of the asset itself, can only record. Do not underestimate the change in this system, which means that the capital market has opened wider to the door of foreign investment. Cancel the annual investment quota arrangements not long ago the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the scheme, both in the stable expectations of investors, or to strengthen the domestic capital market appeal, have a great impact. Its effect will gradually appear over time, and will also be a strong impetus to the short-term market. Also, the two countries formally signed recently submitted to the United Nations on climate issues the "Paris agreement", as the world accounted for 40% of carbon emissions country, the first commitment to emission reduction, there will be a large number of follow-up action, which will constitute an investment theme. In the B20 Conference on artificial intelligence and virtual reality are mentioned, on the one hand reflects the strategic thinking in adjusting the industrial structure of the country, but also inevitably for the market to open a new space of imagination. Therefore, it can be seen that the negative factors that inhibit the normal operation of the stock market are being solved, and the market has also had expectations for the better. Of course, the current volume is not enough, the stock market will encounter a variety of resistance. What is the most important problem, because the real economy and other aspects there is a big uncertainty, so, for investors, although there are positive expectations, but in the specific investment theory

股指尝试重返上升通道 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   ⊙申万宏源证券 桂浩明 ○编辑 杨晓坤   连续多日的缩量整理行情周二被改变,虽然昨日上午股市走得还是颇为艰难,上证指数盘中跌至3050点附近,但下午开始的反弹还是有一定力度的,最后沪指不但收复了失地,还站上了3090点。在形态上,股指又回到了上升轨道中。   回顾8月15日以来的行情,前8个交易日在不断向下调整,到25日探底3041点,这以后开始了反弹,一度还拉出了日线5连阳,但这些阳线的实体都太短,由此形成的上升通道并不清晰,特别是9月1日的下跌,不但打破了几乎所有的短期均线,而且也令大盘出现向下破位的风险。在这种情况下,如果不能拉出一条有力度的阳线,改变下跌形态,那么后市不但在技术上很不乐观,而且对投资者心态也会带来不小的冲击。   好在昨日拉出了一条实体为19点的阳线,改变了大盘下行的形态,股指看上去又重新回到了上升通道。而且,本来颇为模糊的上升通道,现在也变得清晰起来了,这显然有利于改善投资者对于后市的预期。当然,这些只是从形态上来说的,周二的上涨,看上去似乎有点突兀,但还是能够从多方面找到依据。比如,央行及外管局宣布,对RQFII投资境内资本市场的资金额度实行备案与核准相结合的监管模式,凡投资额度小于本身资产规模的,只需备案就可以了。不要小看这一制度变化,它意味着资本市场对外资开放的大门打得更开了。联系不久前深港通方案中取消年度投资额度的安排,无论在稳定投资者预期,还是强化境内资本市场吸引力方面,都有极大的影响。其效果将随着时间推移而逐渐显现,而且对短期行情也会构成有力的推动。还有,像最近中美两国正式向联合国递交有关气候问题《巴黎协议》的签字本,作为占到世界40%碳排放量的大国,率先承诺减排,会有大量的后续动作,由此也会构成一个投资主题。至于在B20会议上人工智能、虚拟现实等被提及,一方面反映出国家在调整产业结构方面的战略思考,同时也不可避免地为市场打开了新的想象空间。因此,可以看出那些抑制股市正常运行的负面因素正在得到化解,市场向好也有了预期。   当然,目前成交量放得还不够大,股市上行也会遇到各种阻力。最重要的问题在于,由于实体经济等方面还存在较大的不确定性,所以,对于投资者来说,虽然有利好预期,但表现在具体的投资行为上,还不能过于激进。前期在3100点上方留下了不少套牢盘,这个位置如果不能有效放量,向上突破并不容易。需要指出的是,股市重返上升通道还需要以后几个交易日来确认,现在只能说是一种试探,而且这种试探也是在原先的波动区间内进行的,目前并没有打破区间整理的箱体。因此,即便真的从此开始一轮反弹,空间也是相对有限的,不能过于乐观。   当然,不管怎么说,原先那种振幅极度收窄、成交低迷的局面,已经有所改变了,这意味着股市又稍稍恢复了些许活力。在这种情况下,投资者的操作可以适当积极一些。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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