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Spread Park "cronies" disturbance, anti Mobius optimistic about the prospects of South Korea – Science and technology Sohu [Technews science news] recently in South Korean politics his politics scandal, as one of the main characters Cui Shunshi, Samsung, Hyundai, SK for suspected group and other large enterprises "donations" tens of millions of dollars, and broke the previous collapse of members the Hanjin (Hanjin Shipping), but also because of the contributions of sincerity is not enough, the state-owned banks have lost the Korea Development Bank (KDB) support, not bankrupt at the end of August. Political unrest seems to make South Korea pay a small price, but the emerging markets Mobius Mobius (Mark), but that this does not affect the economic prospects of South korea. With South Korean President Park Geun hye bribes scandal politics, close interference intensified, her poll also dropped from 17% to 5%, Economy & Finance Weekly Ba Rong (Barron ‘s) analysis, Pu Jinhui’s poll fell to an unprecedented low, means a lack of public support, it was difficult for her to continue to push to encourage new business, suppression enterprise policy. Park Road of reform seems to come to an end, but Franklin Templeton (Franklin Templeton) emerging markets team president Mobius views on the contrary, Mobius pointed out that the "presidential cronies meddling problem will allow people to call for reform more urgent, finally it will have good effect on the market, make South Korea become a a more attractive place to invest. Not only the Mobius on South Korea’s confidence in the future, Midas International Asset Management CEO Heo Asset Management Co Pil Seok bluntly, the current South Korean stock market valuation is low, investors should be prepared, and the Korea Value Asset Management Lee Chaiwon researcher also said that no matter how the political situation, as long as the company reported a profit of brisk, most of the stock market will show up. UBS analyst Kelvin Tay Singapore branch is not so optimistic, he believes that despite the political turmoil in South Korea is not what happens, but the current South Korea also faces weak exports, shipping and shipbuilding industry into crisis, and household debt rose steadily, at this time and the outbreak of the president "cronies gate" scandal, investor confidence is still not caused small impact. (source: Flickr Republic of Korea CC BY 2) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

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