SONY PS4 slim to come whether to support 4K play into suspense (video) remonstrate

SONY PS4 Slim to support 4K The Verge Chinese play a suspense station on September 7th SONY confirmed reports the day before, on September 8th local time in the United States of New York held a press conference to launch the new PS4 products. Currently, the old PS4 has been in a number of market shelves, once again proved that the new PS4 is coming. In addition to the known thin PS4 Slim, the conference may also bring some surprises, the following together to understand. Slim PS4 long what kind? Look ahead to the code named "Neo" upgrade version PS4 on the upgraded version of PS4 (code named Neo, or PS4K) news in recent months widely circulated, but also the most worthy of the press conference of new products. Leaked through the conference process as well as analysts predict that the upgraded version of PS4 will be equipped with a more powerful processor, graphics card and other hardware, and support 4K resolution output, PS VR virtual reality system has a better support. Of course, Neo is not a real "next generation" game, but a complement to the current PS4, native support for 4K and better performance, is undoubtedly the game system is in urgent need, after all PC game graphics beyond the game system too much. In addition, the introduction of Neo can effectively contain Microsoft next year’s Scorpio Xbox One, SONY is also a necessary strategic layout. PS4 Slim is a lightweight version of the PS4 Slim is basically no suspense SONY conference products, the video out of the box are out. The positioning of this product is equivalent to Microsoft’s Xbox One S, a substantial reduction in body size, as an alternative to the old PS4. In fact, each generation of PS host will launch a thin version after a few years to reduce production costs. However, it is not known whether PS4 Slim will be like Microsoft Xbox S One, the new 4K player and other functions. The new DualShock 4 handle according to the leaked image, SONY is likely to launch a new DualShock 4 handle, a significant change is on the touchpad added LED breathing lights, enhanced connectivity. In addition, it is expected that the handle will have some minor improvements, including the feel of the upgrade, the new Bluetooth module, etc.. Some new games for SONY PS4 positioning has been the first game, so I believe the conference will also bring some new games, including the launch of the game with PS4 4K Neo. Of course, the monopoly and the new PS VR game is also worth looking forward to. (author: Andrew Webster translation: Linda) English [Click to view the original Chinese rights of American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章:

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