Small separation why do Chinese families are always

"Small separation": why do Chinese families are always mom? The Sina entertainment television channel five column boiled Kunming Tuo mother I thought, is that mothers seem to "women hold up half the sky" to the people crazy. "Farewell" finale, although several episodes behind small hero exit, turn style of middle-aged men and women Gouxue emotional drama, but still can not cover the first 40 sets when I see the deep fear welled up in my mind. They say that "small separation" and "Ode to joy" as realistic, my fear, from this reality. There is the problem of children’s education problems, the relationship between husband and wife, and middle-aged workplace issues, and the most shocking is the key, I am afraid I become a demon, as a mother, why most China family Zuo, is the mother?! "Small separation" there are three families, home, piano home, small Yu home, respectively, on behalf of the three different classes, the story focused on their entrance into the third grade in the face of this special period. Ding dong! Everything starts at 5:30. Side of the English scores back, the mother (Tong Wenjie white collar executives) to develop a series of devil training program, the tired tired of the grandfather’s home on the table asleep. There will be strong pressure resistance, so the blossoming of adolescence! In the face of the rebellious daughter, mother were short backwards, continue to fight head-on, please tutor, cram newspaper, peep daughter novels, with friends to the daughter of brainwashing, suspected her daughter and daughter Zaolian, public reprimand angrily to participate in extracurricular activities, parents take shuttle take care of children…… Finally, was overwhelmed by the lost have lost, faint, suffering from the test anxiety. In the process of blossoming Dad (Fangyuan ophthalmologist) has always played a good role to help her daughter with a warm man, mother and daughter, talk with her daughter playing decompression, relax, persuade wife don’t give daughter pressure, bianzhaofaer to do between the wife and daughter of the lubricant, corrosion and mother daughter relationship. All in all, the capital model husband intimate father a. Can this way, when the radius of the proposed sending abroad blossoming decompression, improve the condition when the mother suspected that he is affected by the blossoming of overseas female students confused; when a home for the children go out to socialize, and suspected that he and the female boss tangled, so were abroad, two people divorce…… The mother said to the most common words, "mother from small to large, the results are very good, I step by step to now who do not rely on their own efforts. Hard to be sure, to overcome the past, you do not want to focus on high school exams, you can not pass the examination of key universities, can not find a key university can not find a good job, you can not find a good job on the end of life! So, now you have to catch up with the results, I have the test experience, I help you, but you have to listen to me!" The mother said to the father, who said: "what is your opinion? Is your opinion important? My opinion is your opinion!" …… Guoqin home compared to a lot of conditions to be simple, Dad (Jin Zhiming) is a taxi driver, mother (Wu Jiani) is a community hospital doctors, and the piano is super school tyrants, results)相关的主题文章:

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