Sixty old man on the bus and the driver was too headstrong quarrel to grab the steering wheel adobe gamma

Sixty old man on the bus and the driver was too headstrong to snatch the steering wheel quarrel in the original title: Changshu: Sixty old man riding too headstrong to snatch the steering wheel jingfangxingju day ago, Changshu urban bus 201 road car has a breathtaking scene. A sixty old man in the driver and the quarrel, actually reach out to snatch the bus steering wheel running in. Although the driver stopped the car in time, but the car more than forty passengers were frightened, one of whom was injured. 201 bus monitoring probe, recorded the whole process of things. At the time of the incident, the bus ride to the port road Mei Eru section, the car came up two passengers. Passengers in the back of the car, and the bus driver had a quarrel. Mei Li police station Zhang Fan said: "the Changshu local people, more than and 60 years old, he got on the bus was not happy, he told the driver theory, how do you say the car platform, is such a thing, then quarreled with the driver." Police introduced, after the money on the car, while arguing with the driver, while brushing the bus card. The driver found the credit card is not successful, a coin money demand. Angry money, coins thrown in a car. See this scene, the driver asked for money according to the provisions of a coin. A listen to the money, more anger, even make a dangerous move to all the passengers did not think. Plum Lee police station, said Zhang Fan, although the money is a relatively old age, but also can not restrain his temper, and ultimately in the process of driving the driver, with his hand to snatch the driver is steering the steering wheel. Fortunately, the bus driver to hold the steering wheel and the brake of the car. But the bus still slightly hit the roadside cement fence. As the vehicle stop, under the inertia effect, car more than forty passengers was a scene of chaos. Mei Li police station Zhang Fan said: "there are two people thrown from their seats, one of the passengers, after the Public Security Bureau of forensic medical clearance, the injury has reached a slight injury." At present, money is a suspicion of the crime of endangering public safety, has been Changshu jingfangxingju. Driving public transport, the importance of security is self-evident. If the passengers that passengers services are defective, there are deliberately and other circumstances, can through the relevant channels of complaints. If you disregard the safety of others, they will pay for their own impulsive behavior. For public safety, let us jointly advocate civilized ride. Source: Knews comprehensive look at the news editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章:

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