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Jiangsu Sihong " paddy field; half horse " bonus release live   the total amount of 330 thousand yuan, Jiangsu channel — October 23 Suqian Xinhua (Yan Feng, Ma Xiaobo, Gu Shushu) on October 23rd at half past eight in the morning, "Zheng home Cup" 2016 in Sihong International Half marathon run shots in ancient Sihong County Xu ge. As a part of the county agricultural investment promotion and rice culture festival, in Sihong International Half Marathon is the county’s third annual marathon, is one of the few marathon held in paddy field. The total prize money of the event up to 330 thousand yuan, on-site distribution. This event all the players from the ancient city of Sihong County Xu scenic area, through October autumn rice, arrived at the end point of Sihong County rice culture museum, a road runners can feel the Sihong long rice culture, pastoral and humanities, art creative intertwined. According to reports, the Sihong rice "half horse" events attracted 10000 people to participate in the domestic and foreign players, including men and women half marathon 4000, 5 km, 1.5 km run 4000 people happy family run 2000. The race to take the top 300 men, women in the top 150, respectively, set a different bonus. Men and women first, second, the prize was $30 thousand, $15 thousand, 8 thousand yuan, the total prize money of up to $330 thousand, on-site payment. At the same time, also set up the domestic elite second prize, according to the admission score of male and female domestic shots for first to sixth players, bonuses were 10 thousand yuan, 8 thousand yuan, 6 thousand yuan, 4 thousand yuan, 3 thousand yuan, 2 thousand yuan, ranking prize can also take into account. In addition, a half marathon team award, from the top 10, more than 50 people as a group, were rewarded 10 thousand yuan to 2 thousand yuan. After the final race, the international men’s group three are from Kenya, one of the first players score of 1 hours 2 minutes and 33 seconds. International Women’s group of the top three players in China, of which, Wu Yangfei’s score is 1 hours, 14 minutes and 21 seconds, the third players called Su Xueting, the first player is from Ethiopia. In addition, Li Zicheng in 1 hours, 5 minutes and 5 seconds to win the domestic men’s champion. (commissioning editor Tang Lu and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:

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