Sichuan, a woman was arrested for prostitution hearing video was

Sichuan AIDS female prostitution was arrested by the police interrogation video was leaked to the original title: Sichuan Pixian police interrogation video leaked prostitution of women suffering from AIDS, the police are investigating discipline: in October 14th, a woman was arrested after a suspected stumble questioned video online crazy pass. Video, the woman was asked to admit that he was found to be suffering from AIDS after prostitution continues. According to the video dialogue content display, the location of the inquiry is Chengdu, Xipu Town, Pixian. Surging news () noted that at about 10 am on October 14th, the majority of the video has been unable to reprint, or can not be reproduced after the show. Video screenshot October 14th at noon, Chengdu City, Pixian Public Security Bureau staff to surging news confirmed that this happened in the Pixian Public Security Bureau Xipu town police station, at present, the Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the matter, has been fully involved in the Investigation Commission for Discipline Inspection bureau. In the confirmation of the video who shot, how to spread out, etc., will make a serious deal, and timely notification to the relevant media. Surging news in this period of time 02:02 seconds to see the video, in a very dark room, a 30 year old woman standing on the wall, is being interviewed by a Sichuan accent man. From the conversations, the woman was arrested for prostitution of women stumble, women’s faltering in answering the questions. Repeatedly asked the staff to confirm the woman, when it came to Xipu (Chengdu, Pixian) to engage in prostitution, she found that after suffering from AIDS and how many men had sexual relations, etc.. The woman in the video said, she went to the town of Xipu in the five or six months of this year, to about two months, feeling uncomfortable, (the body) to the Pixian people’s Hospital for examination, found to be a throat surgery, blood tests (found). After finding out the disease she went home, "eleven Golden Week" came to Xipu before, and now a total of received a total of four or five guests". In the video, ask a person to ask the woman finally, whether knows that oneself has the AIDS to spread is the crime? The woman replied: "I have not read the book, I do not know." October 14th at noon, surging news to Pixian police confirmed the matter. According to the bureau a staff, the incident in the Pixian Public Security Bureau Xipu town police station, today the Pixian Public Security Bureau has been investigating the matter, bureau of discipline comprehensive intervention, after investigation of the video, who know who spread out through what channel conditions, treatment will make serious, and inform the progress of the investigation and handling to reporters for the first time.相关的主题文章:

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