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SI ranked Jeremy Lin missed the first 100 said it is only good role player –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 13th, "Sports Illustrated" given 100 alliance player rankings published today, 51-100 ranking, Jeremy Lin is not on the list. SI will be Jeremy excluded from 100 League players. "Sports Illustrated" lists some of the players did not enter the top TOP100 list, including Ross, Joe – Johnson, Jeremy Lin, Toni Parke and Rajon Rondo like stars. Sports Illustrated said Jeremy has not selected the top 100: "since linsanity, Jeremy Lin has served as the role players, each season to find self perfection methods. Last season he played a very important role in the Hornets’ success, and the Hornets were able to stay on the offensive, because at any time there was an organization capable player on the pitch, relying on a strong rotation system. Jeremy Lin is the first Kemba Walker on the bench, this combination have the effect, Jeremy complete their role players task, which makes him become the league’s best guard off the bench. Excluding Jeremy Lin from the top 100, it’s not his ability to ignore him. Last season’s contribution is useful and can share the weight of some influential players in the league." Jeremy last season averaged 11.7 points and 3.2 assists in 3, most of the time is to act as a sixth man, for the entire season a total of 13 starts last season, Howe only missed four games, averaging 26.3 minutes, sixth man of the year ranked seventh votes. The nets this summer to 3 years $36 million to sign the book Ho, Ho win back the respect. Jeremy Lin, 28, has experienced ups and downs, high ups and downs. Most of the time no media attention in his performance, the new season Jeremy in the nets will serve as the starting point guard, when this young team leader, he must not only let the nets team played some of the potential, to prove that they have a top 100 strength. 100-51 player: German – Aaron, Booker Gordon, Brandon knight, Ginobili JR-, Smith, Evan Fournier, Cody Zeller, Mason Plumlee, Wesley Mathews, Bo billom, Baez Moore, Ryan Anderson, Kanter Innis, Amir Johnson, German law, hood, Noel. Bogut, Robin – Lopez, Ariza, Gaye, Cappella, Joki, Ebiyasi – Harris, Mahinmi, Wu Raicevic, oladipo, Carol, Bradley, Rubio, Carver, Danny, Green, Pohl Zingis, Wiggins, Thaddeus young, Marvin Williams, Randolph, Monroe, Waland Nath, de Rakic, Deng, Reddick, Bill Teague, George, Hill, grant, Reggie Jackson, Jay Claude, Tristan soup Parsons, the. (CHE)相关的主题文章:

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