Shenzhen underage boys download 170 pornographic videos a total profit of 90 yuan

Shenzhen underage boys download 170 pornographic videos a total profit of 90 yuan of young Wang Jun (a pseudonym) for the purpose of making profits, downloaded from the Internet pornographic video, then each charge 50 Fen price to copy others to watch. Recently, Longgang District People’s Procuratorate official of a crime involving juvenile suspects Wang Jun announced the decision not to prosecute the conditions attached to the prosecutor, Wang Jun, parents and social workers here said: "I thank the tolerant treatment on the procuratorate, in the future I will Study hard, work, cherish this chance." Wang Jun is still under 18 years of age. Since March 2016, he is to download pornographic electronic information from the Internet for profit, then each department fee of 0.5 yuan to copy others to watch, to June 2016 before being arrested, he has been selling pornographic video about 170, a profit of about 90 yuan. Longgang District procuratorate after examination that Wang Jun for the purpose of selling pornographic materials, the facts of the crime is clear, the evidence is conclusive, has constituted the crime of trafficking in pornographic materials. After the incident, Wang Jun also admit the crime, pleaded guilty attitude is good, and the case has little impact on society. Considering the Wang Jun identity of minors and the circumstances of the case, to understand their parents’ wishes, prosecutors said the crimes involving minors crime suspect Wang Jun apply conditional non prosecution decision in accordance with the law, decided to enable the conditional non prosecution procedure. In the announcement ceremony, organized by the prosecutor to Wang Junxuan read the conditional non prosecution decision and inspection regulations, and invited the public prosecution department assistant attorney Peng Weiping, Longgang District Youth League Secretary Peng Tenglong, lawyer and social worker and witness. At the meeting, Peng Weiping assistant told the participants indicate tolerance attitude Longgang District procuratorate criminal cases of minors and the behavior of Wang Jun day after a request. Wang Jun listened to the parents and social workers, prosecutors, teachings, serious deeply aware of their wrong behavior and reflection, said then must respect justice and abide by the laws. Sponsored by the prosecutors made the admonition and told Wang Jun, he will, in the next six months of the study period to comply with inspection regulations, otherwise it will cancel the conditional non prosecution decision on its prosecution. After the signing ceremony, Wang Jun signed a conditional non prosecution of minors undertaking, promised to comply with the relevant provisions. In accordance with the provisions of the prosecutor, let Wang Jun and their parents, youth social organizations have signed the agreement, the procuratorial organs as the dominant mode of education and social organizations, as auxiliary, to ensure that the crimes involving minors to return to life better. Shenzhen evening news reporter correspondent Wu Yizhuo Yi Xiao Hong Wu Xiaochen editor editorial Intern Chen Wenying editor: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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