Shenyang carry forward the tradition tutor theme exhibition highlights the feelings –

Shenyang "carry forward the tradition tutor" theme exhibition highlights the "feelings" – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) "to promote the family family tradition, good works of feelings" theme exhibition, 25 in Shenyang city street – Digital Plaza debut. Display of hundreds of pieces of calligraphy and painting, paper-cut works, highlighting the strong "feelings". By painting pen, the sound of country song. The works in this exhibition from 104 communities in Heping District of Shenyang City, is selected from more than a thousand pieces of recent street community on the works of painting and calligraphy exhibition works, generally with the deep taste of home, the author from the oldest old, down to preschool children, have different identities, from all walks of life, is common to express their own feelings "". Although the works from the general public, but there are many excellent. The local intangible cultural heritage inheritors "paper-cut master" Spring Branch favourite pupil Wang Shuqi, which lasted more than a month, well crafted paper-cut works "Ershisixiao" vivid, the Chinese traditional culture with the paper-cut forms, in the exhibition attracted many people’s eyes. Exhibited works from local communities. Photo by Shen Diancheng at the exhibition site, director of Liaoning provincial calligraphy art grading Office Wang grain stay in painting works, to give a high evaluation of many works. He said, from all walks of life community residents can create so many works, reflecting the strong "feelings", is very rare. Regular folk tradition folk Chun Chun, then the agency Fengqing, Fengqing is the state security agency. It is understood that two years of peace held "to promote family tradition, establish feelings" theme activities in more than 3500 games, participate in the masses more than 900 thousand people. The work of this exhibition is part of the crystallization of the event. In the "promote the tutor family tradition, establish feelings" theme activities, each community has its own calligraphy, painting, paper cutting enthusiasts groups, government departments also provide space for them, a lot of cultural volunteers free lectures, teach skills, to benefit the residents, more and more people in the traditional cultural edification in understanding the essence of patriotism family tradition tutor. (end)相关的主题文章:

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