Shanghai Meranti impact of heavy rain locally heavy rain –

Shanghai "Meranti" effect of the new network heavy rain locally heavy rain in Shanghai in September 16th – Xinhua News (reporter Li Rong) according to the Shanghai Meteorological Center 16 news release, the influence of low pressure by Typhoon "Meranti" weakened after the evening of 15 to 16 in the morning, Shanghai heavy rains, large heavy rain in some areas. 15, 17 am to 16 am, Shanghai District meteorological station monitoring rainfall generally between 70 to 100 mm. In the automatic rainfall station, there are 76 stations over 100 mm rainfall. The largest is the Pudong radar station, up to 253.8 mm; followed by the old port of Pudong, up to 243.4 mm. The rainfall lasted for a long time, the cumulative rainfall. Judging from the current situation, the impact of rainfall on the operation of the city within the controlled range, the city of Shanghai has not yet appeared a large area of water. The weather forecast, 16 day Shanghai will appear obvious precipitation, rainfall may reach the heavy rain to heavy rain, heavy rain will occur in the eastern area rainfall of 80 to 120 mm, accompanied by heavy rainfall short, one hour rainfall of up to 30 to 50 mm. Travel should pay attention to traffic safety.相关的主题文章:

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