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To set the industry standard BMW technology innovation pilot the development of new energy vehicles – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, in the next 100 years of the start of the year, the BMW group to maintain a successful development and continue to lead the auto industry innovation. The evening of September 1st, BMW new energy automotive conference held in Chengdu, BMW group announced in Chinese provides 5 cars of 9 new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, this is the luxury brand in the most extensive coverage and most advanced technology of new energy vehicle lineup; BMW also announced, BMW I is the innovation platform of BMW group, the source of this project BMW eDrive technology will be extended to all BMW main models, unified named "BMW I electric performance, and the future BMW I will integrate more digital Internet and automatic driving technology. In this way, BMW group has been formed to the main brand BMW as the core, BMW M represents the brand’s movement and heritage, BMW I represents a clear pattern of innovation and sustainable development for the future. BMW group president and CEO of Greater China, Mr. Kang Siyuan said: "the BMW group in the first half of this year ushered in the history of the high sales and profitability in the global market, sales in Chinese synchronous lifting and service quality, and realize the localization of the big leap. At the same time, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the start of the ‘new first strategy’, is to embrace change and innovation with greater enthusiasm, committed to maintaining the status of the industry pioneer in the future. For BMW, seize the present and create the future is complementary, today’s business success is the foundation for a bright future." In the BMW group, the new energy vehicle collective appearance, where BMW I3 upgrade, the new BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid and BMW I8 limited edition red Proton car announced the listing, BMW X1 plug-in hybrid as domestic new car will debut at the Chengdu auto show, X5 plug-in hybrid just in Shangri-La to Xichang is about 1500 km trip to verify the extraordinary performance of BMW eDrive technology. BMW I successful expansion in 2002 to become the innovation platform of BMW group, BMW group will be over the past few decades for the pursuit of sustainable development is divided into "BMW efficient power" strategy in the product and production of the whole value chain to carry out the sustainable development principle and made remarkable achievements. Since 2005, BMW group year after year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index rankings occupy the top of the automotive industry. In 2011, BMW group, founded the first sub brand BMW I, and launched the epoch-making significance of BMW I3 and BMW I8 have been in 2013, the two car uses a revolutionary LifeDrive architecture, the crew cabin made of carbon fiber composite materials. Up to now, BMW group is the world’s only industrial production and wide application of this high-tech materials automotive company. BMW I has been a global success since listing, BMW I3 is the best-selling compact high-end pure electric vehicles, while the sales of BMW I8 more than the other.相关的主题文章:

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