SEF due to cross-strait relations into cold frozen staff was awarded the high salary-tamiflu

SEF due to cross-strait relations into cold frozen staff was awarded the high salary for the original title: SEF cross-strait relations into the cold frozen organs of their staff salary is too high number of cross-strait relations frozen, Taiwan sea function greatly reduced, organs become cold. However, the average annual salary of employees is still up to nearly 1 million 210 thousand yuan, was criticized by the public opinion on the island. According to Taiwan’s "United Evening News" reported on 5, the "Legislative Yuan" budget center 2017 annual budget SEF assessment report, the SEF personnel fee of nearly 140 million yuan, the average annual per employee personnel expenses amounted to 1 million 206 thousand yuan, the unit in charge of treatment is higher than the part of the Ministry of home affairs minister". The report said, the SEF has 114 employees, they do not need to pass the exam to enter, not subject to restrictions related to official system, should consider the rationality of salary benchmark review. In this regard, the PFP legislator Chen Yijie said that the problem of SEF overpaid has been criticized, it has an important function in the cross-strait relations, now almost shut down, the chairman Tien hung Mao himself said that "cross-strait relations yaosibuhuo". The DPP legislator Zhuang Ruixiong said, the Mac and SEF special properties in the mainland, "interference" business froze, can not be said to be the SEF problem, don’t blame from the salary. "United Evening News" said that the Taiwan authorities to the SEF is the juridical person established authorities, subsidies for the year total revenue of about 70%. SEF has long been considered the "fat cat organ". In 2014 the per capita monthly income of 113 thousand and 500 yuan, the SEF chairman Lin Zhongsen, a monthly salary of 240 thousand yuan, and his chief executive, then MAC chairman Wang Yuqi only 190 thousand yuan. Lin Zhongsen then responded that other officials have Xinyi’s residence, and he didn’t have a dorm room, need to rent the house. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章:

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