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See the play? November new themes and diverse actors "Jinxiu Weiyang" regression strength POSTER "mission impossible". "Hey," children "sister sister" in poster stills after a series of spy war drama, war theme, November screen theme to diversify, in addition to preference for the female audience costume drama, relaxed urban love drama. There’s drama, family drama, to meet the different tastes of the audience. Play a variety of topics, plus Jiang Wenli, Zheng Yu, Lei Hao [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and other powerful actors return and Tang Yan [micro-blog], Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Xinyi Zhang and other young actors collective force, many of the audience at a time "drama shortage" probably can come to an end. In addition, the network drama "soul", "the ferryman third season of" the second beloved painting Arena season are aimed at young audiences, and Chen [micro-blog] in the "energy-saving" has a good foundation and the original elements of comedy, or can cause the attention of fans. Author: Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss its grid Chita D ushered in the "big play" at the end of the tide in recent times, the audience shouted "drama shortage" — look, could not find many can let a person produce "drama" desire good drama, drama. Why is this so? Because the big play those high hopes, usually arranged at the end of the broadcast, this year is no exception, in addition to the above works, "give me hold me", "ghost chuideng", "the last one", "visa north of Guangzhou still believe in love" and other big drama has been gaining momentum. In the film, "new year" is very important, and in the television, "open" is the satellite as a priority among priorities. The TV will be at the launch of heavy drama to seize this schedule. Moreover, in addition to big screen drama, network drama also many large IP and large production, from November will be broadcast network drama and drama situation, network drama and drama in the production cost, and the difference of the cast has been more and more small. Only in the subject matter, the screen TV coverage age more widely, and network drama with young audiences as the theme, the theme is a powerful and unconstrained style. However, no matter how Paibingbuzhen, or the benefit of the audience — can solve the "no worries, drama can be traced Why not?? Urban themes to pick up the family issues close to the hot spot on behalf of the work: "we love it", "Hey, children," the screen in November, the city theme warmer. Among them, at the Hunan satellite TV tonight "we love it" is a companion of director Liu Jiang [micro-blog] build in "let’s get married after". The difference is, before is the story of "3S lady" Gao Yuanyuan [micro-blog] trying to get married in the story. In "our love", for Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin [micro-blog] the three grew up together bestie, marriage is not a major problem, the key is how to love with dignity. Zhang Jingchu played the female architect born a tendon Lin smiled, and Xinyi Zhang played the young successful interior design company boss Pan Zhizhi, Qin haze is married to businessman "Lady" Cai Chunni. "Let’s get married," the ratings have been high, "we love each other"相关的主题文章:

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