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"See light penalty" is probably not the rule of law to measure the editorial in the modern society, the rule of law and rationality are the two important cornerstone of law enforcement is not above the law, the public can not lose rational driven by interests. Shenzhen police recently began remediation indiscriminate beam enforcement action, in addition to fines, illegal deduction, also need to be punished by the green chair to see the light provided by the traffic police for a minute, personally feel about light brings "damage". Traffic police on the network this practice has a bomb like. Opponents argue that the police have a variety of methods of punishment, but not required to sit the stool to see lights; in favor of the netizens shouted police can think this way too talented. A network survey shows that there are 9 users to support this practice. "See the light penalty" is controversial, the basic things you can imagine. On the one hand, "road traffic safety law" to the illegal indiscriminate beam, there is no penalty penalty at high beam, no law can not be authorized for the Shenzhen police, brain hole wide open, in the law of nature untenable; but on the other hand, the city opened light, long plagued many drivers and pedestrians, people complain incessantly and even hated teeth itch, Shenzhen traffic police "Henzhao" natural remediation, let a person feel happy. In the face of public controversy, Shenzhen police responded that the offender lights a minute is not mandatory, law enforcement to take the form of combining education with punishment. Specific approach for first offenders live moderately experience their own trucks and other light irradiation, feel the harm is voluntary, not mandatory, then what is the driver admitted to police at the scene of the headlights, how to correctly use, and explain the last 300 yuan, recorded 1 points penalty. It is not difficult to see that the Shenzhen police response had changed the "forced" argument, this might suggest that the Shenzhen police has recognized the "penalty look wrong light". However, the matter is particularly noteworthy is that the vast majority of Internet users to support the practice of Shenzhen traffic police. The mood is understandable, "see the light sent to the simple and crude way, let the indiscriminate beam driver was punished. However, social governance depends on the law, not the mood. Because of their indiscriminate beam this behavior feel disgusted, the existing traffic regulations on indiscriminate beam punishment is too low, will support law enforcement agencies outside the law application of punishment, this attitude is not conducive to discipline truly carry out in the real world, they are likely to encourage the application of law enforcement agencies abuse punishment behavior. If users feel the current law, the illegal acts of indiscriminate beam, it is difficult to play a deterrent role, it should be recommended that the relevant departments to amend the law to increase penalties, and then in accordance with the law enforcement, but not blindly for law enforcement agencies outside the law application of punishment and clap. But we should also see that the current law on the punishment of acts of indiscriminate beam, but also the basic right. The biggest problem in reality is that there is lack of law enforcement, because law enforcement is not in place, which leads to indiscriminate beam become a nuisance for driving at night "". In modern society, the rule of law and rationality are the two important cornerstone of law enforcement is not above the law, the public can not lose rationality in the interests of the driver, but not for another method applied to citizens suffered punishment and as cheerful as a lark. You know, if the law application of punishment and the phenomenon of the proliferation of]相关的主题文章:

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