Securing Sliding Doors Using Sliding Door

Business Sliding doors are the weakest points of any house which can be used by the burglars to easily break into the house and this is because of the fact that the security system that .es with the sliding doors are weak and these sliding door locks can be easily forced open. Generally the sliding doors .e with a latch at the center. The quality of these latches differ dramatically from one door to the other and hence, the level of security also varies. Sliding doors in general have key facility either on one side of the lock or on both sides. No matter what, the key facilities are never the real measure of the strength of the doors. The strength depends on the keeper of a door. A keeper is that part of the door which remains attached to the frame of the door and sadly enough, a keeper is weak and cannot stop someone from force opening the door. Currently some manufacturers of sliding doors are putting up a system of internal bolts on the doors which care capable of deadlocking the doors either at the bottom or at the top or both. If you are using a sliding door with an internal bolt, there is no need for using additional security because these vertical bolts are capable enough to keep the door secured. Here are a few tips which can be used by you to secure the sliding doors properly: – There are patio bolts available in the market. These bolts can easily secure the doors and reduce the risk of burglary. Most of the patio bolts available in the market are simple and can be easily installed however, most people prefer using a locksmith for the purpose. These bolts can be fitted in a way so that the doors are lock with a slight opening of around 100mm so that there can be proper ventilation. However, this is not suggested if the house in not occupied. – Burglars generally lift open the sliding doors from the bottom track. In order to prevent this, you can always fix a piece of wood or some screws or some plastic in top tracks to prevent the burglars from lifting is the door. This is suggested only of your sliding door can be lifted more than 10mm. This is a method where sliding door locks sold in the market are not required. It is true that the sliding doors provide a good amount of ventilation. However, this also .promises the security. The degree of security attainted will depend on the type of the the lock used. Jimmy plate is another type of locking mechanism which can be used. This jimmy plate is attached to the glass door in a way so that no one can slide it open from the outside. It is a low cost device which can easily be installed on the door. So, be wise and select a right sliding door lock for your sliding door and keep your home burglary safe. Copyright (c) 2011 Joe Maldonado About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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