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Sports-and-Recreation Tony Stewart said a few days after winning the NASCAR championship 2011 that his triumph was one of the best ever, because of his intense battle with Carl Edwards also ended the five-year reign of Jimmie Johnson. Specifically stated that "in ten years when no one remember this championship was won by Stewart tell you, but remember the struggle that Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards had and I’m proud (and I’m sure Carl too) in which no has certainly been one of the best fights in the history of our sport. " It is difficult to find arguments to contradict the good of Tony, and certainly the final fight in the 2011 Chase was memorable, especially in those last three weeks of great intensity that left them both at the door of the title. Only one could win, and even though Edwards won the pole and led the first part of the final race in Homestead, that was not enough to keep the lead in the general … or because they keep what kept the tie on points, but lost the title because he only had one win, five of his rival. And is that before this last quote in Homstead, Florida, Stewart was full of moral and knew very well using psychological warfare, recalling that he had four victories by one of Edwards, who had nothing to lose because he had been a champion and the race was easy for him, only awarded him the victory, so I would go for it at any price. And while Edwards held up well this avalanche of statements and knew in his head and stay put in the front group throughout the test, did not have enough mental strength to beat his rival. When this was delayed by a minor problem with the nose at the start of the race, forcing him to pit stop several times by taking advantage of cautions not to be folded, all seemed lost for the pilot of Ford versus Chevrolet. But the rain stopped by an even more uneasy Edwards, Stewart took advantage crossed with crew chief pilot of Ford to "remind" it would go all out and resumed an impeccable Tony recovered all positions (in total career was over 140! overtaking) to take the lead ahead of Edwards and whisk for 1 "at the finish. They were first and second after a thrilling last laps where anything could happen, although it was clear that Stewart had the situation under control and Edwards had no resources to try to prevent it. Thus ended the long reign of Jimmie Johnson, an excellent driver who accumulated unheard of in NASCAR, five consecutive titles, only to lose in front of who was the last champion before starting his run. Stewart won the title in 2005, still driving for Joe Gibbs and has now returned to do so under the colors of your own team, Stewart-Haas Racing. Definitely a worthy champion. Edwards is for me one of the great drivers of the future of NASCAR and I have no doubt that someday he will. It would have been very sad to win this year with one victory, achieved also in March, .pared with five, all collected in the Chase, Stewart. You know I always argue that ultimately the title is for those who most deserve it, but argue that they should win those championships they got more wins. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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