Sanya international duty free city to collect travel to open the discovery of Sanya

Sanya international travel Master opened Sanya duty-free city for discovery of Beijing, Hainan in November 4, (Cai Dongcheng) with the north and more cool, plus continuous haze weather, cold air and air pollution in the city, causing inconvenience to the residents living. With warm sunshine, clean beaches, blue waters of Sanya, still sunny, yourenruzhi. With the arrival of the second half of the season, Sanya tourism increasingly warming, began to enter the golden season. If you can travel free of charge in Sanya, is not willing to miss? To stimulate the tourists to open the Sanya wash tour enthusiasm, the beauty of Sanya passed out, international Sanya city will carry out the theme of "good free tour of Sanya followed the drop from the clouds of the travel experience for the national tourism activities, collect users Master, with the experience of the tourism resources in Sanya way to promote the beauty of Sanya. Some people say that Sanya is the city god spoiled, because God is the most pleasant climate of the fresh air and the warm sunshine, the blue of the sea, the soft sand, the most delicious seafood have given the city China southern coastal tourist city. Every winter, from the domestic various forums, presentations, seminars, corporate annual meeting held in Sanya have to get together, Jiaore the winter tourism in Sanya, at the same time, Sanya has also become the best place for many winter birds elderly cold holiday leisure, came to Sanya to open lung washing trip. According to statistics, in 2014 and 2015, Sanya 10-12 month overnight tourists 4 million 203 thousand and 200 passengers and 4 million 619 thousand and 100 passengers, tourists annually, also shows that more and more tourists choose to travel in winter to Sanya, enjoy the charm of the sun on the beach island. In Sanya, in addition to the pleasant climate and good air, abundant tourism resources can also let visitors away, can be in high star hotel to enjoy a relaxing moment, can go to the Wuzhizhou Island into the sea at the underwater world, or around the island, listening to the story of Love Island, but also to the world’s largest single duty-free shops the open mode of shopping, and feel the world big luxury fashion. According to reports, the tour Master collection, the final choice of users, will be invited to Sanya, free of charge in three days and two nights of wash trip, stay free of high star hotel, free to play the Sanya scenic area, duty-free shopping preferential premium gift. The Master collection activities, such as their favorite travel enthusiasts, recording travel travels to show what one sees and hears, expectations and pictures to the public, you can sign up to participate, as long as they provide the most satisfactory written travel or travel pictures, which have the opportunity to become the collection to the travel Master, came to Sanya to open a free unforgettable trip to wash, and feel the winter in Sanya blue sky, white clouds and the sea. Interested participants may be concerned about the official WeChat: CDF Islands duty-free – Sanya international tax free city. (end)相关的主题文章:

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