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SAIC Australia company MG3, MG6 landed in Australia market (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Sydney Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) SAIC Australia company held in Sydney 25 car market conference, announced that MG6 MG3 and MG brand officially landed in Australia market. SAIC Australian Corporation Marketing Senior Manager Danny. Rainer Tick said that in the future we want to quickly establish MG in Australia’s brand image, the new generation of Australia awaken love for MG brand, while racing is essential. We’ve been racing around the world to show that MG has the potential to be a good car, and we’re going to try to bring home more cars to meet the needs of the market. In the past few years, MG brand has been committed to the development of core technology, through the release of the two products, MG is designed to convey its unique design concept to the Australian market. MG will continue to build first-class technology, and constantly improve the vehicle performance, bringing a new driving experience for consumers in australia. MG3 and MG6 as the MG brand’s two classic models, they let those who have been listed in love with the young Australian brand, as well as a new generation of innovation, can enjoy the fun brought by the pure driving. The conference site car dance. Photo by Lai Hailong in the listed activities, SAIC Australian company also announced that it will cooperate with the Brock racing team, by the famous Australian Racer James Brock as driver, held in April 2017 at the Bathurst road six hour endurance race in driving MG6 to participate in the competition. SAIC leaders, government officials, Chinese Australian Consulate General in Sydney Commercial Counsellor, local media partners and distributors attended the conference, witnessed this event. Shanghai Automotive International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, is the Shanghai automobile group Limited by Share Ltd (SAIC), the only one specializing in international trade, a wholly owned subsidiary. At present, the company has initially completed overseas layout: in the Middle East, South America, Australia, the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary, the establishment of the joint venture sales company in Iran, set up offices in Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam and other places, shares of SAIC SAIC GM Wuling international company and Indonesia Indonesia company. SAIC is gradually forming a global vehicle sales, consulting, after-sales service, spare parts supply chain service capabilities of the whole business.相关的主题文章:

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