Russian media Japan and Russia rapid signed 20 agreements worth 1 billion 300 million U.S. dollars-beself

Russian media: Russia "rapid" signed 20 agreements worth $1 billion 300 million for the latest news about the Russo Japanese Russian satellite network criterion, the Russian Far East Development Minister Alexander galuska? Believes that the main premise for the successful development of relations between Russia and Japan is to separate territorial and economic cooperation. He said: "in the East Economic Forum, the peace treaty was signed and the territorial issue was separated from the economic cooperation and development. I believe that this will not only be fruitful, it will be the only possible way." Alexander · said on the 7 day; galuschka at a press conference in Tokyo, Russia and Japan signed 20 agreements in the East Economic Forum upside, the total value of 82 billion 800 million rubles ($1 billion 300 million). "At the Eastern Economic Forum, Russia and Japan signed agreements on 20 projects, with a total value of 82 billion 860 million rubles, equivalent to $1 billion 300 million." He spoke highly of the wishes of the Japanese side to carry out concrete and specific work for the development and cooperation with Russia in the Far East federal region. Galuschka explain their reasons in the East Economic Forum closing immediately after Japan said: "we are ready to respond quickly, establish effective dialogue. We highly rated the development of this dialogue. The dialogue on the East Economic Forum has developed very rapidly. Second days after the end of the talks, on Sunday, we sat down to write everything down, that we are ready to put our case to the Japanese side, so I decided not to waste a day." For a long time, Russia Japan relations have been overshadowed by the absence of a peace treaty. Japan bilateral border treaty 1855 Russia signed on as the basis, demanded the return of Etorofu Island, after the island country, Shikotan and Habomai islands, and will be returned to the island as a peace treaty with Russia, since the end of World War II has failed to sign the treaty. Moscow’s position is that the South Kuril Islands were incorporated into the Soviet territory according to the results of World War II, and Russia had indisputable sovereignty over it.  ? How about losing stocks? Look here, whether you fry A shares, U.S. stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment intelligence. Attention to WeChat public number [Wall Street intelligence] (micro signal: iMarkets) trading tired? See here, gather global famous media headlines, broaden investors trading vision. The headlines that make money are real headlines. Focus on WeChat public number [global headlines today (micro signal: ifeng_igold) 俄媒:日俄“迅猛”签订20项协议 价值13亿美元 日俄谈判据俄罗斯卫星网最新消息,俄罗斯远东发展部部长亚历山大?加卢什卡认为,俄日关系成功发展的主要前提是把领土和经济合作问题分开。他说:“在东方经济论坛上把和平条约签署及领土问题与经济合作发展问题分开。我相信,这将不仅是富有成果,也将是唯一可能的办法。” 亚历山大·加卢施卡7日在东京举行的记者会上表示,俄日两国在东方经济论坛上攻签订20份协议,总价值828亿卢布(约合13亿美元)。加卢施卡说:“东方经济论坛上俄罗斯和日本就20个项目签订了协议,总价值828.6亿卢布,相当于13亿美元。”他高度评价日方为与俄方在远东联邦区发展合作开展内容充实具体的工作的意愿。加卢施卡解释自己在东方经济论坛闭幕后随即访日的原因时说:“我们也准备好迅速反应,建立高效对话。我们高度评级这一对话的发展情况。东方经济论坛上对话发展得非常迅猛。谈判结束后的第二天,周日的时候,我们坐下来,把一切都写下来后,发现我们已经准备好对日方提出我方的对案,于是决定一天也不浪费。”长期以来俄日关系因没有签署和平条约蒙上阴影。日本以1855年俄日签订的双边贸易边界条约为依据, 要求归还择捉岛、国后岛、色丹岛和齿舞岛,并将归还上述四个岛屿作为与俄方签订和平条约的条件,二战结束以来一直未能签署该条约。莫斯科的立场是,南千岛群岛根据二战结果并入苏联版图,俄方对其拥有无可争辩的主权。  炒股亏了怎么办?看这里,无论你炒A股、美股、黄金还是外汇,在这里能够获得最精准的投资情报。关注微信公众号【华尔街情报】(微信号:iMarkets)交易累了怎么办?看这里,汇聚全球知名媒体头条,拓宽投资者交易视野。能赚钱的头条才是真头条。关注微信公众号【今日全球头条】(微信号:ifeng_igold)相关的主题文章:

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