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Reverse! Little mo decided to retire before the media on the previously announced return to Knight Mo Williams sina sports news Beijing time on September 27th, according to the "Akron Beacon Journal" reported that the Cavaliers in the Japanese media published the training camp in the list of 19 people, we accidentally discovered there was no veteran guard Mo Williams’s name. According to the Cavaliers general manager David – Griffin said that he had received notice from the small Mo’s agent, Mo Mo will be officially retired this year. This news really let outsiders feel very surprised, although this summer Mo tend to spread over the news of his retirement, but just a week before, little mo through his twitter announced that he will return to the Cavaliers in the next season, and confirm that this will be the last season of his occupation career. I did not expect the Cavaliers in the media before the start of the day, Mo Mo suddenly changed his mind and decided to retire this year officially. Last summer, Mo signed a 2 year contract with the Cavaliers, his next season’s salary of $2 million 200 thousand. In an interview today, David Griffin refused to disclose whether the Cavaliers and Molina a contract buyout agreement, but he said the Cavs had prepared for that. Last season, Mo has been plagued by knee injuries (which is considered an important reason for his retirement), he averaged 8.2 points and 2.4 assists. In December of this year, Mo Mo will be 34 years old, the entire career, he averaged a score of 13.2 points and a total of 4.9 assists, the ball hit a goal of three points. Little mo officially announced the retirement of the Cavaliers will no doubt have a small impact on the 1st, Kaili – Erwin will be behind the lack of an experienced substitute. However, according to David – Griffin said that the Cavaliers are not intended to introduce veteran guard. "We are very pleased with the current position of team one." He said. Besides Erwin, the Cavaliers No.1 and 21 year old Kay feld and 24 year old ma – Kerr Brown. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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