Rely on plug-in to redefine the phone Z moto modular mobile phone

Rely on plug-in to redefine the phone? Moto Z modular mobile phone experience today we want to talk about is a product that can redefine the phone and its small partners, right, that is, Moto Z. Moto Z after the release we got a total of three modules, respectively is the eye (camera module), the voice (loudspeaker module) and dark (projection module). The installation method of the three modules are the same, is to lower the electromagnetic contact contacts and the mobile phone module under the close, they will automatically adsorption, the connection is successful after, there will be tips on the mobile phone, you can start a body (Zhuang) test (BI). Well here is one by one experience these three modules after all how. This is the first in three forced the highest eye, because it is so natural and Hasselblad launch, but also a lot of suction eye. It has a 12 million pixel camera, support for 10 times optical zoom, with independent control keys, as well as a very prominent xenon flash. After the module and the mobile phone is connected, the full micro single is not only the sense of sight, regardless of whether the phone is a lock screen state, as long as the power button on the module, you can automatically start the camera, while the lens will be extended. The operation interface and method of operation and the camera application is basically the same, but at this point in the upper left corner of the interface will appear a Hasselblad logo option can choose color and black-and-white patterns for the module came in, there are different scenes available. Moto Z in the process of experience, a little of this optical zoom module what impressed me most is ten times, by several groups of comparison can be seen, the camera module in the shooting target distance can indeed have outstanding performance, single from this point of view, with the eye of Moto module Z is definitely a competitive product more than other mobile phone. Moto Z photo shoot and the use of focusing lever operation is more accurate, but also a lot of extra points for it. Of course, in the course of use, this module also has some problems. For example, in the process of taking pictures, the overall feel is not very good, it seems a bit thin, always feel comfortable enough to take on the hand, always feel like how to take is not very easy. In addition, feel the shutter button in the press when the soft lying prone, when the feedback is not good enough. Moto Z in addition to just getting started, I once thought that this phone does not have a professional camera mode. But when I try to use it to find the camera, the original professional mode is hidden in the interface options menu in the upper right corner, together are classified in this menu and slow motion mode, panorama mode and video mode. Moto Z from the experience of a few days down, we can only say whether it is from the image quality or functionality, playability, the camera module is not as good as a digital camera with the price. Can only say that as a specific camera function to optimize the product, look with an air of importance very bluffing, but always gives people a feeling of bluffing. OK, then we’ll talk about the tone module, the other is not to say that this volume is really;相关的主题文章:

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