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Motivation I am very enthused to address the topic of REJECTION! How you handle rejection is in direct proportion to how you maintain a persistent level of action in order to feel fullled and nd your WHY in life. As a super-achiever in life (which means you have your WHY in place), you are driven to fulll your personal goals set for you on a daily basis. In the course of this daily action, you will inevitably encounter rejection and the incredible power it exerts over you! Just when you are feeling great and your business is beginning to grow, you will experience rejection. Out of nowhere, it will slap you right in the face like an icy, cold wind from the Arctic, and your little voice inside begins to doubt whether or not you can really achieve what you initially set out for. YOU MUST LEARN TO LOVE REJECTION! You must be.e excited when you get rejected while, at the same time, you attempt to forge ahead! The most successful people are those who have felt the pains of rejection, but because of their DETERMINATION they pressed onward and won the game. As you are building your business, you need to set a goal and continue toward it regardless of the degree of dis.fort that rejection may be causing you! Rejection is an extremely negative force; therefore, it is to your be. to channel this force to produce positive results! Thomas Edison is famous for the 10,000 ways that a person couldnt create a light bulb as a result of his numerous attempts to reach his goal create a lightbulb! As we all know, he eventually succeeded. But rather than seeing his previous attempts as a negative force, he channeled all that he learned to produce the positive result of nally having reached his goal! You too will develop incredible character as you continue to build your business, REGARDLESS of the rejection that you will experience along the way. As a super-achiever, you will use your knowledge of rejection and its power to your advantage! EXPECT REJECTION, LOVE REJECTION, LEARN FROM REJECTION AND YOU WILL SUCEED! Motivating champions worldwide! John Di Lemme About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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