Real Madrid’s strongest opponent is not

Real Madrid’s strongest rival Barcelona Atletico is not their own real road is still very long, sina sports league, Real Madrid beat 2-0 away the Spaniards, get across the season 16 wins, tying the Liga winning streak. For a time, thousands of people singing, Real Madrid seems to have become a new universe". But is this really the case? First of all, talk about the game between Real Madrid and spain. In fact, the fans who watched the game are not very good at real madrid. If not harmes half the foot had a brainwave, and if the referee down Moss, perhaps the final result is not conducive to Real Madrid. But for the only outcome of the media, Real Madrid is the winner of the party, is worthy of praise of the party. After the western media will Real Madrid blew up 16 consecutive victories, Madrid’s two media "Marca" with "Aspen" of Zidane and Real Madrid are trumpeted, September 20th "Marca" hit the headlines "Real Madrid goal 100 points per cent win to copy the 2011-12 season." The newspaper pointed out that over the past few seasons, Real Madrid were given 96 points, 94 points, 92 points and 90 points, although these scores may win in other leagues, but not enough in spain. Over the past eight years, Real Madrid won only one league title, which is the 2011-12 season, when Mourinho coached Real Madrid won the 100 points. "Marca" for Real Madrid shouted "100 points to win the" slogan "Aspen" is not far behind, the report emphasizes, "far more than Enrique and Simonyi Zidane. Since Zidane took office, Real Madrid in La Liga than bazardo score 7 points, 10 points more than the horse race." Real Madrid won more and more by the media. In contrast to Guardiola for Zidane’s achievements, "Marca" will he and Guardiola contrast, pointed out that Zidane Guardiola has been better than the results in the same period. Comparison of two people before the 24 La Liga games, Zidane scored 21 wins 2 flat 1 negative results, while Guardiola is 19 wins 3 flat 2 negative, however, such a comparison is meaningless. As everyone knows, Guardiola’s first season, he helped Barcelona won everything, became the first six time winner of the team. Real Madrid wake up! Guardiola’s performance even more outstanding compared to La Liga 16 game winning streak record, but Zidane’s performance is not better than Guardiola. In the 16 La Liga games, Guardiola is the single season, more convincing, 16 games scored 60 goals, conceding just 6 goals, the maximum score 8-0 in Almeria, national derby is the home court 5-0 victory over real madrid. Zidane of the 16 La Liga games, cross season, scoring 51 goals to lose 12 balls, the maximum score 7-1 CELTA, national Debbie is away 2-1 beat barcelona. All in all, Zidane wants to go beyond Guardiola. Of course, the Madrid media did not see this, "Marca" did not recognize this. In the media praised the background, Real Madrid started with the Villarreal’s game winning streak, the final summary. Rotation)相关的主题文章:

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