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Pro 6 Yan burst table values sparkling wine, taste and appearance of such a large Sohu and a contrast of these days the temperature, Xiao Bian has very reluctantly unilaterally announced: Chengdu winter! This temperature is really don’t have the guts to go out at night Hi, just want to hide in the room, listening to music, watching movies. The most important thing is to drink a little wine. However, empty have a drink of wine liqueur small but really is utterly ignorant of, went to the micro-blog found it suitable for girls to drink wine, but it was not the result of red wine, sparkling wine! Use it to pose many red net ~ love! There was such a nice wine ah, the powder instantly ignited a small series of girls heart, casual Internet search, it may not! A bottle of sparkling wine is better than one! Sparkling wine little knowledge what is sparkling wine? Sparkling wine, wine is a small alternative. With the head of the mind to understand the words, sparkling wine is a bubble (plus carbon dioxide) wine. Why is Metro so much like it? Simple answer fried chicken! Sparkling wine with low alcohol content and high color value can be used as self timer…! Actually, every bottle of sparkling wine bottle can break the heart of girl! Bubble wine small test that the wind is the rain, I immediately went online to buy wine! Once the wine is received, can not wait to put a table, if all of the values of the burst table, see the first time I would like to finish the wine immediately, and then take the bottle home! In the office of the selection of three special representative colleagues, the wine blind! Before the test, they knew nothing about the taste of the wine and had high expectations! Yang teacher office brewmaster, often use alcohol to gargle, drink without limit! Zhang Xiaopang Capricorn female drinkers, often with wine to pass the time, the limit is a pound of liquor! Ouni JiuTan monosodium glutamate in Chinese cabbage, a drunk, half cup! The evaluation standard value

price | Yan taste | foaming severity score 5 points score rules: one of the highest and lowest points out, the average rose gold NO.01 Wine Seamus foaming Yang (breath and sip a mouth, eyes a bit disgusted) entrance acid, not what sweet! Zhang Xiaopang light fruit flavor, no taste of wine. (a drink) so sweet! Like ordinary drink, mouth too spicy. Only a little sour taste of MSG, oral liquor taste. This rose gold color look so cute. Secretly drank a mouth, the entrance instantly felt that the tongue is about to explode, air volume is enough, a cup, you can see a series of bubbles. Face value: 4 points 3.5 taste: Price: 69 RMB foaming degree: 3.8 comprehensive evaluation: shake the cup, rose gold is very pleasant. Taste sweet sparkling pink… Moss… Wine NO.02 Cato (teacher Yang took a sour and 8 HA)相关的主题文章:

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