Pregnant mother Angela Baby Ella duzui sell adorable beautiful light makeup does not fall ricky lee neely

Pregnant mother Angela Baby Ella duzui sell adorable beauty makeup light not Diaojia lead: a lot of mm after pregnancy began to become pregnant women should be careless about dressing, seems to become dirty like! Actually otherwise! Recently the pregnant mother who are all beautiful. (source: PClady) pregnant mother Ella duzui sell adorable recently pregnant mother and the birth of a batch of Ella just aired their pregnancy! Angelababy attended the event with makeup girl still a sense of beauty, Ruby Lin film shocking! Not to mention those who have not been born with the same as the u.s.! Still worried about this and give up the dress, do a yellow face? In twenty-first Century, how can not be pregnant beauty? Ella recently, Ella Ella Chen of the new style in the recording of a variety show the exposure, wearing open collar sweater she often sell feminine adorable pout. I have to say, Ella became more sexy when she became a mother. Curl lashes get clear makeup more charm, partial bangs cleverly covered his face. Because it is the tail of the hair curled out of the lob head, naturally smooth curved face more rounded face. Ella and micro-blog Ella can be seen through the husband and husband of excited, two people all love scenes can be seen daily two people feeling really good, this way is also announced the pregnancy confirmed this point. Listen to the song of SHE grew up as many friends have been very love by Ella, at the time of her natural like a boy, she later married love, only to find that she was so beautiful that woman! Baby baby although pregnant in the body, but still beautiful glow ah! Moist skin, graceful waist, why people can be so beautiful pregnant, pregnancy spots say that the swelling will go? After pregnancy may be because of the discomfort and feel look worse, especially the yellow skin of Asians, more attention should be paid to this problem. Compared to foreign countries, domestic women will be relatively taboo during heavy makeup, so pregnant mothers go out, can choose a suitable makeup or isolation products, ensure good look good! Baby mother baby also has a pair of bright shining innocent eyes, because every time to attend the activities will be coated with a thick layer of mascara, make the eyes full of spirit. But pregnancy should pay attention to the choice of easy makeup mascara, oh, so safer for the baby! Since Ruby Lin has been pregnant after exposure, Ruby Lin has maintained a low-key style, not only for pregnant a little mention, even the pictures are also looking for a good angle to avoid stomach. Not long ago, Ruby Lin issued a rare book on the face, with the figure she was wearing a gray long dress, wearing masks and other cats with sweet smile, 6 months pregnant her pregnant belly is obvious, this is her first exposure to his pregnant. Ruby Lin is big enough for the eye itself such as heart, too gaudy makeup does not have the effect on her beautiful turn the world upside down. Although some pretty heavy makeup, but also lost the gentle and lovely qualities. Pink blush seems plus color lipstick on sweet girl always go the route of Ruby Lin is the embodiment of personal style! But do not choose pregnancy.相关的主题文章:

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