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The thing about PR is this: If youre like everyone else the people you want to reach wont pay any attention to you. PR is all about showing the public how unique you are. And the media is your gateway to the public, so you have to prove to them that youre not like any expert theyve worked with before that you can provide their audience with something captivating, something different from what theyve experienced before. Its really easy to get lost in a sea of experts, authors and business-owners playing to what they think the media want or expect. Your PR has to show how youre different than the competition, how you can bring a fresh perspective and how you can supply pardon the clich a breath of fresh air. Most people understand they have to brand themselves in a distinct and memorable way, and though they know this they still will put on a professional face instead of putting out their true self and interests. Theyll hide their quirks or Achilles heels, but heres the thing: the very people youre trying to reach also have quirks and Achilles heels. Everyone has them; its what makes us human and allows us to be able to relate to one another. Im a firm believer that people should express who they are be authentic. When it comes to PR and promotion, I know you want to be professional, but you also have to be real. The real you is who people will be attracted to and what makes you memorable. So look at your quirks and consider going against your instincts. Dont hide them. Figure out a way to use your quirks and brand yourself differently than the competition. Make yourself memorable and before you know it youll be grabbing the medias attention! About the Author: L. Drew Gerber is CEO of and creator of, a free media connection service for journalists, experts, and publicists. Sign up now for free publicity advice including a free online marketing course. Gerber’s business practices and staffing innovations have been revered by PR Week, Good Morning America and the Christian Science Monitor. His companies handle international PR campaigns and his staff develops online press kits for authors, speakers and companies with Online PressKit 24/7, a technology he developed ( Contact L. Drew Gerber at: [email protected] or call him at 828-749-3548. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Advertising 相关的主题文章:

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