Passing from your world feeling left Deng Chao Zhang Tian’ai Biao play (video)-yuria

"Passing from your world" feeling left Deng Chao Zhang Tian’ai Biao play "passing from your world" feeling left in the play special Deng Chao Zhang Tian’ai Rhododendron Tencent entanglements entertainment Zhang Jiajia original screenplay, directed by Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe Yang Yang, Zhang Tian guest starred in love, Yue Yunpeng, cuckoo, starring Liu Yan, the strongest IP, the strongest cast together to create the annual blockbuster movie "emotion passing from your world" on September 29th, the National Archives released. Recently, the film side also released "left" special relationship, Deng Chao, and Zhang Tianai on the radio show warm cuckoo. Deng Chao admit "Chen is at the end of three people left feeling" interpretation of "love the truth" movie "passing from your world" last week issued a "loving" trailer, and recently released "left" version of relationship specials, three roles in the special edition of personality and treat love attitude is more clear. Deng Chao began to show his plays at the end of Chen "was left feeling", Chen also admitted that although "end zuipin" but also a lovely and loving place, "he (Chen Mo) in the small like a child in front of Mao chicken is like a big brother, character Chen at the end is a complex and multi-faceted. Deng Chao, passionately devoted whole-heartedly also let the audience eyes bright, the director Zhang Yibai praised, "Deng Chao’s excellent play the subjective initiative of an actor, he is a play crazy, just let him play play, he will be very crazy, very involved, he photographed the scene love, the love of acting, love for this role is in this period". "Mao chicken is a very considerate person, never think for themselves," Zhang Tianai’s young chicken is a cute and a little shy radio intern, Deng Chao and cuckoo have said it is love the role of "Mao chicken young chicken is a very real, very cute girl", "she is too cute, very worthy of love". In fact one chicken is to pay most of the people in love, also has a powerful explosive force, Zhang Tian’ai need to show different performances, director Zhang Yibai also once said "young chicken with Princess completely different, she needs to build a kind of timid middle power". The cuckoo plays is a city woman "is a small, small know what you want, is a mature person". At the end of the small and Chen Rhododendron describe feelings "is absolutely true and sincere, but two people to enter the community after the direction is not the same," Chen end is romantic and uninhibited, but instead is to do business". At the end of the Chen Mao chicken uninhibited, shame and pride instead of showing their different status in love, Zhang Jiajia also confirmed that "three people love ‘love the truth."". Deng Chao Zhang Tianai tells the cuckoo love play in and out of a deep friendship at the end of the three series show warm is turns about his views on love, Deng Chao think we should cherish the love of beauty, "there are still many beautiful moments is worth remembering to remember, don’t hate, not to blame, because there are a lot of love you are on your side, and Zhang Tianai as the play that Mao chicken" in a proper time for the people there, don’t pass)相关的主题文章:

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