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Operators campus running       Mobile Unicom direct price of a paper — people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: operators price of a mobile Unicom campus running directly paste paper every school season, the campus began to play the three major telecom operators compete for users of the promotion war. Data picture to the school season, Harbin Institute of Technology campus, the three operators of the campus market promotion held as scheduled. The campus with the 3 operators of the booth, standing by the roadside advertising to help students to earn extra money. However, careful Liu Kexin students told "Chinese consumer newspaper" reporter, promotion this year and in previous years at different. "It is secretly the price of a mobile, Unicom directly paste paper." She said paste paper, that is found in the process of promoting mobile Unicom given a more favorable price, immediately before the paper paste to live the package, into a more favorable new package. Because of that the Ministry of industry and information technology this year early mobilization, standardize the campus market, in the wind tight situation in previous years, actionpacked campus promotion, has become a no smoke running this year. Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin Institute running Zhang students through a variety of comparisons, just do a China Mobile 4G fly enjoy 38 yuan package. Reporters from his SMS screenshot to see this package looks very ordinary, but note part cheaper scary: Monthly send local calling to talk for 200 minutes, 950 minutes (the caller calls for free), 0 yuan of local chat package, VoLTE package, the 13G data flow experience (including 2G in 1, 2, in August 7, automatic upgrade for the national traffic), the province in 30000 minutes and the network point-to-point messages 500. The China Unicom originally 4G fly packages to enjoy the Campus Edition is this: the tariff of 28 yuan, 1000 minutes of domestic +200 minute local call duration (14G, 14.3G Province, 300 trillion national) traffic, local calling 1 hair, 1 hair 9, calling the province provincial National calls free, 500 messages, 500 minutes VoLTE HD video. There is a dollar, 30000 minutes free of charge. As can be seen, the package is clearly set by the mobile unicom. When China Unicom found the loss of price advantage and the loss of student customers, immediately paste the contents of the paper before the gift, changed to a more attractive content. This year the wind tight operators took running mode, because this year the wind is tight. It is reported that the Ministry of information and Communications Authority held a teleconference a month ago, the deployment of the norms of the autumn campus telecommunications market competition order related work. Asked the basic telecom companies to effectively implement the main responsibility, law-abiding, fair competition, and resolutely put an end to the campus telecommunications market to strictly implement the real name system unwholesome tendencies, telephone, and effectively protect the legitimate interests of users, maintain a fair and orderly competition. Under the supervision of the deployment of the Department, the three basic operating enterprises to develop a "telecom operators campus marketing commitment letter" to jointly resist unreasonable costs, strict)相关的主题文章:

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