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Internet-Marketing According to the opinions of internet marketing experts, online video advertising is not widely used in online marketing sector today. As the latest reports provided by the professional marketing researchers show – only about 2.36% of all funds .panies spend on promoting their products or services in web belong to online video advertising. Nevertheless, this sector continues to be actively developed day-by-day and as it is expected online video advertising can be.e one of the most popular and effective online promotion solutions in the nearest future. As it is planned this rate will be increased up to 55% throughout the next year and bring additional $962 million to the American market. There are two main online video advertising types in-stream advertizing (pre/mid/post roll), and overlay! Pre-roll online video advertising is widely used method and has a huge popularity among internet marketers. It is re.mended to use pre-poll ads for websites with high value informative content. In this case, pre-poll will play an important role for attracting more attention of online visitors due to the fact users are usually interested in seeing interesting content. In such a way online video advertising can serve as an informative addition to good website content. Overlay online video advertising is suggested to be less intrusive for visitors and appears at the page bottom. As a rule, overlay online video advertising solutions are more suitable for low value content websites. No doubt that .paring with other internet promotional techniques online video advertising solutions possesses more significant .petitive advantages including the following: 1) Innovation driven spirits. Being an innovation, online video advertising makes an unforgettable impression on online users and in such a way results in attracting more attention to the product offered. 2) More detailed product description. As it is known, not all users prefer to read long texts placed at a website pages. This process often bothers website visitors and makes them take away. Providing more detailed information on the product offered online video advertising can be.e a real solution for this problem. 3) Better quality. Be sure that high quality online video advertising can not only help you create an additional interest and a good look for your products and will make a positive impression on visitors and better tell them about your business as well. As the practice shows, online video advertising is usually used by the .panies when presenting new products or services at the market. In such cases, audio and video explanation is considered to be one of the most effective ways to present innovative products or services to the targeting audience. Online video advertising can be considered as an effective method to promote a restaurant, bar and tourist businesses. Also, online video advertising can be successfully used by lawyers and doctors to demonstrate a high professionalism level in their services. There are no doubts that possessing innovation driven spirits, high quality and informative online video advertising technologies business owners will manage to have a positive impact on customers when they make a decision to select a product or reliable service provider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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