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One star is Party  on the move; start a new journey – Fashion – September 2nd afternoon, a Beijing star era culture media Limited (referred to as a star) held a lively housewarming party, coincides with the three anniversary of the establishment of a star, a star fashion experts and fans friends gathered in Beijing to share. One of the Beijing star era culture media Co., Ltd. is a Master brokerage platform, one TheOne@ star brand was founded in August 22, 2013, has rich resources integration of many outstanding fashion media, also opened a Master brokerage business model platform for the earliest. Focus on the ability of individuals or small and medium sized as well as the creation of the original expert teacher training, integrated packaging, copyright management, the original content production and other diverse areas of publicity. Beauty, fashion, life, automotive and other fields of well-known bloggers, high-quality talent library. The celebration activities, a team of experts are exclusive one star also came to the scene, I and the close interaction with the best wishes for your new home fans. The scene of a star experts were living skin expert Mao, well-known host & fashion aesthetic experts, who in the head of Chen Xue, and the senior girls still care expert. The teacher who sign in Chen Xue teacher Mao teacher in the admission still handsome teacher (from left to right) living skin expert Mao; well-known host & fashion aesthetic experts Yi Fan; a star brand TheOne@ co-founder & Sun Xiao; general manager; group head Chen Xue; senior care expert still. The event, one star and two experts can’t move the teacher came to the scene to participate in activities; Fashion bloggers, famous model Lv Ying sent a basket star stylist Zhang Jin said the blessing, because of work reasons, recorded a video for one star blessing. Fashion bloggers, well-known fashion stylist Zhang Ying Lu model into the opening event of our TheOne@ one star brand founder & general manager Sun Xiao spoke, feeling this way and not easy to adhere to, thank you very much TheOne@ a star brand founder partner & Ms. Wang Kaifei’s encouragement and support. It is because of the insistence and efforts of everyone, professional and dream, only to allow more people to pay attention to one star, but also let a star go more firm, one star group of experts to grow stronger. At present, one star and major fashion brands have maintained a good depth of cooperation, and explore more brand communication model, to provide consumers with a full range of fashion solutions. TheOne@ a star brand co-founder & general manager Sun Xiao TheOne@ a star brand co-founder & general manager Sun Xiaohe TheOne@ a star brand founder Wang Kaifei intimate photo subsequent game bright scene, not only ask the expert teachers quickly answer, exciting interactive games between teachers and fans. The Mao teachers participate in the quick game is most interesting, attracted the audience of onlookers laughter. Fans received Host interview Mao teachers participate in the quick game scene was the teacher to interact with the fans I guess you draw the game fans and posh palm) photo of Mao teacher相关的主题文章:

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