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On the snowy plateau features: Guangdong town of Rouland tourist poverty alleviation and Enlightenment — tourism channel Linzhi is called "south of the Yangtze River in Tibet". From the 318 National Road in Tibet, only Linzhi, Linzhi attractions are always on the senior tour pal in mind: the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Namjagbarwa, Nigeria, Ontario, basongco…… Guangdong to Linzhi tourism is the main "international tourism Rouland town". The town is located in the Brahmaputra River river, Sichuan Tibet road about 80 km east of Linzhi Bayi town. Mountains, valleys, meadows, forests, lakes, rivers and other natural landscape, as well as rich Tibetan culture, for the development of leisure and tourism provides a high quality foundation. Guangdong in Linzhi Tibet poverty alleviation, practice of tourism poverty alleviation, provides an important sample for us to observe China Tibet poverty, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and cultural tourism, in the development of cultural tourism, historical and cultural protection, the construction of the new urbanization, some valuable enlightenment. Linzhi Lu Town Tourism poverty alleviation practice first, the full strength of the poverty alleviation investment. On the town of poverty alleviation, Guangdong assistance in addition to government forces, as well as the participation of all social forces. Under the guidance of the government, Hengda, poly, Pearl River Investment, wide travel, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and other enterprises to participate in the development of small town. 1 billion 10 million yuan of Tibet capital brought a total investment of 2 billion 785 million yuan (July statistics). Second, accurate poverty alleviation is a professional and sustainable poverty alleviation. Specialization and sustainable poverty alleviation is the proper meaning of poverty relief, poverty alleviation need to fully consider the local resource endowment, the design of professional poverty alleviation strategy. Rouland town with unique local natural and human resources, the national culture in the tourism industry chain to find value in poor areas, and with professional talent, capital, design, construction and operation management for the driver, to reshape the original industry, especially to promote the Linzhi text brigade to enhance the value and liquidity. Professional "blood type" will lead to poverty alleviation, employment in poor areas, to provide power for the improvement of the industrial structure and upgrading of the poverty alleviation from the solution into their place as pressing danger help out of poverty, is a more sustainable model of poverty alleviation. Third, the value of tourism poverty alleviation. Because tourism industry plays a leading role in other distinctive industry, especially in the "Travel +" under the action of the tourism industry and other industries cross-border integration, the birth of the new format mode, therefore, the value of tourism for poverty alleviation has attracted more and more attention. National Tourism Administration in the "China tourism development report 2016", by 2020, through the rural tourism to drive the 10 million poor people out of poverty, which accounted for nearly 2020 of the country’s total population out of poverty by nearly 1/7. In Tibet and Linzhi, tourism poverty alleviation is the key path of poverty alleviation and development. Through the development of the tourism industry cluster, Rouland town will greatly promote local farmers employment, provide at least 2500 jobs for the local people, and promote the development of related services, driven by poor population out of poverty. And tourism infrastructure, public service investment, but also for poor areas to provide transportation, education, health care, culture and other public services, effectively improve people’s livelihood. From the point of view of tourism industry, small相关的主题文章:

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