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The U.S. Army is drawing huge sums of money to develop new weapons to contain China’s information during the tense situation in the South China Sea: a model of the US Army’s large anti missile warship. Reference News Network February 4th U.S. media reported that U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter 2 on issues concerning China published some rude remarks. He said The Pentagon needs to increase its spending on high-tech weapons to contain China, especially amid the tense situation in the South China sea. According to the U. S. foreign policy bimonthly website reported on February 2nd, the The Pentagon leader also said that the grand plan of implementing advanced weapons spending in fiscal year 2017 was due to the Chinese factors. Carter said: "the clear purpose of all these investments in our defense budget is to contain the development of the Chinese army." According to reports, the $582 billion 700 million defense budget for China in response to the growing military strength, including anti-ship missiles and electronic warfare capabilities, in addition to install new interceptor missiles in the United States warships, submarines, strengthen network security, fire model of unmanned underwater vehicle and is also the main expenditure items. Carter said that both China and Russia were developing weapons and conceived ways of war, trying to achieve their goals quickly before we could react, but they thought it was wishful thinking". Carter also said that because of the aggressive action in the South China Sea, China offended some countries in the region, which also led to the old allies and new partners expressed good intentions to washington. Carter said after the Washington Economic Club on the budget issue, said: "these moves have aroused widespread concern in this region. This prompted other countries to react, including with us." In this context, he said, Vietnam is "eager" to strengthen maritime security cooperation with the United States, as well as Australia, Philippines and Japan and other traditional American allies. He said that China’s practice is "self isolation", and the United States will not reduce its own existence, "we intend to continue to play a powerful role there."". According to the VOA radio website on February 3rd, the U.S. government forecasts the next fiscal year’s defense budget. The Pentagon officials say the new budget includes weapons R & D programs specifically designed to deal with China’s military challenges. Speaking at the Washington Economic Club 2, U.S. Defense Secretary Carter said the White House’s forthcoming fiscal 2017 budget includes a $582 billion 700 million defense budget. This amount is almost the same as the national defense budget that is being implemented this year. Carter said, in response to the growing challenges of China and Russia, the Ministry of defense will invest 8 billion 100 million dollars in the new fiscal year, 40 billion dollars in the next 5 years, strengthening the advantages of the U.S. underwater warfare, and in the new fiscal year to invest $71 billion 400 million for cutting-edge weapons and equipment research and development. He said that many of the new weapons and equipment will be used specifically to cope with the long-term challenges of China’s military modernization to the United States, including network and space military technology. Reported that since the Obama administration, the U.S. defense budget accounted for the proportion of GDP (GDP) fell from 4.5% to 3% below. Reported that some members of the United States and ann"

南海局势紧张之际 美军拨巨款发展新武器遏制中国 资料图片:美军巨型反导战舰模型。   参考消息网2月4日报道 美媒称,美国国防部长阿什顿・卡特2日就涉华问题发表了一些不客气的言论。他说,五角大楼需要增加高科技武器支出以遏制中国,特别是在南中国海紧张局势加剧之际。   据美国《外交政策》双月刊网站2月2日报道,这位五角大楼负责人还表示,2017财年实施先进武器支出的宏伟计划一定程度上是中国因素所致。卡特说:“我们在国防预算中进行所有这些投资的明确目的是遏制中国军队的发展。”   报道称,根据5827亿美元的国防预算申请,为应对中国日益增强的军事力量,包括反舰导弹和电子战能力,除了在美国军舰上安装新型拦截导弹外,网络安全、加强潜艇火力、新型无人艇和水下航行器也是主要支出项目。   卡特说,中俄都在“研制武器并构想战争方式,以试图在我们来不及作出反应的情况下迅速达到其目的,但他们这样想只是一厢情愿”。   卡特还表示,由于在南中国海采取咄咄逼人的行动,中国得罪了该地区一些国家,此举也导致老盟友和新伙伴都对华盛顿表示善意。   报道称,卡特在华盛顿经济俱乐部就预算问题发表讲话后回答提问时说:“这些举动在这个地区引发广泛关切。这促使其他国家作出反应,包括与我们联手。”   他说,在这种背景下,越南“非常渴望”加强与美军以及澳大利亚、菲律宾和日本等美国传统盟友的海上安全合作。   他表示,中国的做法是在“自我孤立”,而美国也不会减少自己的存在,“我们打算继续在那里扮演强有力的角色”。   据美国之音电台网站2月3日报道,美国政府预告了下一财年的国防预算。五角大楼官员说,新预算包括一些专门用于应对中国军事挑战的武器研发项目。   美国国防部长卡特2日在华盛顿经济俱乐部演讲时说,白宫即将推出的2017财年政府预算包括5827亿美元的国防预算。这个金额跟本年度正在实施的国防预算基本持平。   卡特说,为应对中俄越来越大的挑战,国防部将在新财年中投入81亿美元、未来5年中投入400亿美元强化美军的水下作战优势,并在新财年中投入714亿美元用于尖端武器装备研发。他表示,其中许多新武器装备将专门用来应对中国军事现代化对美国的长期挑战,包括网络和太空军事技术。   报道称,奥巴马执政以来,美国国防预算占国内生产总值(GDP)的比例从4.5%一路下滑到3%以下。   报道称,美国一些议员和安全专家说,由于中国正快速推进军事现代化,同时继续威胁美国领导建立的和平与稳定的国际秩序,美国必须不断增加经费、维持军事优势,而不应将国防预算维持在原有水平甚至削减军费。   另据美国《国防》月刊网站2月2日报道,美国国防部长卡特2日说,国防部2017财年的预算提案把重点放在高科技能力上,以抗衡俄罗斯和中国。   卡特说:“我们的措施,关键是能威慑最先进的竞争对手。我们必须具备能给最先进的挑衅者造成无力承受的损失的能力,让他们要么放弃挑衅行为,要么挑衅后十分后悔。”   他说:“俄中正在打造能在我们做出反应前就迅速实现目标的武器或者作战方式。正因如此,因为它们迄今的行为(从乌克兰到南中国海)国防部提高了俄中在我国防务计划和预算中的重要程度。”相关的主题文章:

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