Oil rose for three days after taking may pay attention to the purchase of 25080-9c8950

Oil rose for three days after taking may pay attention to the purchase of 25080 hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Financial News Agency’s February 17th news, PetroChina rose three days after Wednesday taking. One reason is that Saudi Arabia and Russia reached an agreement, the petroleum jelly production to the level of January, rather than the market vision of production, international oil fell $30 a barrel in the level of oil dragged down, the city fell nearly 2%, near 4.85 yuan level shocks. In fact, PetroChina has broken through 50 antennas yesterday, and has since returned to the 50 antenna for the first time since last November 9th. If investors take advantage of PetroChina, take the opportunity to absorb low, you can consider the oil subscription card 25080, the exercise price of 5.28 yuan, 16 years in July expires, the actual leverage of 4.9 times. On the other hand, if investors consider avoiding the effects of implied volatility, can be considered in cattle card 64976, to recover the price of 127.86 yuan, 16 years expires in November, 9.1 times the actual leverage. In HSBC round of subscription card (25080 card focus exercise price 5.28 yuan monthly 7 2016 year actual leverage 4.9 times) in 64976 (cattle permit exercise price 126.36 yuan 127.86 yuan 11 month price recovery due 2016 actual leverage 9.1 times) in 68756 (bear exercise price of 5.66 yuan to recover the price 5.46 yuan 2016 year 12 month expires the actual leverage 5.0 times) in the subscription card 25193 (exercise price 4.7 yuan 2016 maturity 7 month actual leverage 5.1 times) in bovine 65036 (certificate exercise price 3.61 yuan to recover the price 3.76 yuan 2016 years 12 months due to actual leverage 6.0 times) in 68750 (bear exercise price of 5.11 yuan to recover the price 4.96 yuan 2016 12 month actual leverage 4.9 times) 24289 (CNOOC warrant exercise price of 9.28 yuan monthly 6 2016 year actual leverage 5.6 times) sea Oil cattle card 61633 (exercise price of 6.88 yuan to recover the price of 7.08 yuan in October 2016 due to the actual leverage of 7 times (64884) CNOOC bear the exercise price of 9.46 yuan to recover the price of 9.26 Yuan due July 2016 actual leverage of 4.5 times) (NATURAL)   enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion 中石油连升三日后回吐 可留意购25080 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月17日消息,中石油连升三日后,周三出现回吐,其中一个原因是沙地阿拉伯与俄罗斯达成协议,将石油冻产至1月份的水平,而不是市场憧憬的减产,国际期油应声趺穿30美元一桶水平,中石油受拖累,即市跌近2%,处4.85元水平附近震荡。事实上,中石油昨日已突破50天线,自去年11月9日以来,首次重返50天线上。投资者如藉中石油回吐,借机低位吸纳,可考虑中油认购证25080,行使价5.28元,16年7月到期,实际杠杆4.9倍。另一方面,投资者如考虑回避引伸波幅影响,可考虑中油牛证64976,收回价127.86元,16年11月到期,实际杠杆9.1倍。   汇丰轮证焦点   中油认购证 25080 (行使价 5.28 元 2016年7月到期 实际杠杆 4.9 倍)   中油牛证 64976 (行使价 126.36 元 收回价 127.86 元 2016年11月到期 实际杠杆 9.1 倍)   中油熊证 68756 (行使价 5.66 元 收回价 5.46 元 2016年12月到期 实际杠杆 5.0 倍)   中化认购证 25193 (行使价 4.7 元 2016年7月到期 实际杠杆 5.1 倍)   中化牛证 65036 (行使价 3.61 元 收回价 3.76 元 2016年12月到期 实际杠杆 6.0 倍)   中化熊证 68750 (行使价 5.11 元 收回价 4.96 元 2016年12月到期 实际杠杆 4.9 倍)   海油认购证 24289 (行使价 9.28 元 2016年6月到期 实际杠杆 5.6 倍)   海油牛证 61633 (行使价 6.88 元 收回价 7.08 元 2016年10月到期 实际杠杆 7.0 倍)   海油熊证 64884 (行使价 9.46 元 收回价 9.26 元 2016年7月到期 实际杠杆 4.5 倍)(自然)  进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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