Notice the small 7 new A-League football has overcome the

Notice: the small 7 new A-League football forecast has overcome the have small, not lonely in November 4, 2016, Sina lottery in learning, artificial intelligence, continue to evolve, 7 new football forecast dimensions, they are: Australia, Russia, super Su Chao, Dutch, German, Belgian, British cup cup. Cannon will continue to seriously study and repeatedly deduction principle, combined with large data processing technology, will gradually achieve full coverage for SMG events. Of course, the tireless efforts and engineers are closely linked, we will share the results of science and technology in the lottery. [Click to view the small forecast!] Note: small, is the event prediction of artificial intelligence, it uses complex event sequence analysis and machine learning model, automatic error correction and prediction results; evolution, it has PB level data processing, large-scale parallel computing support; integration of billion level data characteristics, according to the forecast analysis of automatic target mining. Self learning and error correction, the characteristics of its evolution, fully embodies the superiority of artificial intelligence, in the same lottery prediction products in an absolutely leading position; combination of CPU+GPU parallel play the advantages of integration, greatly enhance the accuracy of the prediction results for the final. Its unique algorithm, enough to adapt to the rapidly changing field data and disk compensation information, it can continue to grow like a biological system. Pantone R & D team designed a unique function for the evaluation results of small, through the algorithm set final expression (for the outcome of Shengping Fu basketball) with probability, probability derived morphological description which results in a higher probability.相关的主题文章:

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