New York black eight founder Nicks the new season will be optimistic about the impact of 50 wins (

New York black eight founder Nicks: the new season will be optimistic about the impact of 50 wins and a team of NBA film Nicks: Anthony spent a long time sports Tencent cannot clap with one hand (September 23rd news paper Ian Begley ESPN writer) in the summer, Nicks carried out a series of signings, when Geoff – founder of New York black eight miracle Van Gundy on the team new season the prospects for a lot of analysis, he said, the Nicks new season is expected to impact 50 wins. Van Gundy optimistic about the prospects of the new season, Nicks, this is not easy to do." "Listen," Van Gundy said. "I think they will have a record of 45-50 wins, 50 wins. There are many uncertain factors, Joakim Nuo A has proved himself in the past second years, Pohl Zingis will be better than the rookie season, he will be very good, Anthony is great, Courtney Lee is the starting lineup of adhesive." Van Gundy then said: "I think the team’s success is largely decided Ross’s health as well as their lineup, it remains to be seen, but I’m sure, Nicks starting lineup is entirely a potential 50 win team standard." Nicks only won 32 games last season, in the past two seasons, they were just got 49 wins, so the impact of the new season team 50 wins is facing great challenges, in the history of the NBA, the biggest change is the 2007-08 season with the Celtics, the formation of the big three green than the previous season to win 42 games. The 2015-16 season the Bucks before a 26 win season game. Although New York new season lineup changes, but it is still not optimistic about their prospects, before the Las Vegas Gambling company wins the Nicks new season index in 38.5, and wins index ESPN columnist Kevin – Nicks 34.7 pailton calculated. As ESPN commentator, Geoff – in the 1999-2000 season to lead New York to get 50 wins, he still insisted on their own views. "Over the previous season, Nicks is now a more interesting team." Van Gundy said, I think they will get better, they are a playoff team, the new coach will be very suitable for this team." Van Gundy still believes that Ross’s health will become the key to the final completion of the breakthrough in the key to the. In my opinion, Ross is the biggest variable, I don’t know exactly what the game should expect Ross, from a health perspective, the team angle, angle and angle of law, these factors will affect him, Nicks has a lot of uncertain factors, but Ross is the biggest unknown." Van Gundy said. On offense, Van Gundy also said: "this tactic in 90s and early twentieth Century is very popular, but now criticized, but success and style of independent, Phil Jackson became an outstanding coach, this is not only because of his tactics, there are many aspects, Hornacek is a very good coach he can, the triangle and the fast pace of the pick and roll together." (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be transferred.相关的主题文章:

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