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To promote the new residential district was no longer closed cited hot friends – Sohu news to promote new residential blocks were no longer closed hot 21, "opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the administration of the planning and construction of the city" (referred to as the "opinions") of taiwan. In this ten thousand words long article, the most concerned public opinion is probably the more than 100 words: "to promote the new residential district, in principle no longer closed residential construction. Has built residential areas and units to achieve the internal courtyard gradually opened, the road public transportation network layout, to solve the problem, promote the economical utilization of land. Set up the "city road layout concept of narrow roads, road net, road network system construction of expressway, primary and secondary roads and branch reasonable gradation." Residential area is no longer closed, singing "my door is always open," song down their own area of the wall has become a focus of concern. Who is responsible for public security?" "There have been a vehicle passing through the cell downstairs, you are not also not sleeping, it can!" "Pool area has 30% faint cry in the area of the road" these comments have made headlines. User question: the area where we point out that way, "teeth" are too narrow? Data interpretation: each living in a big city in the public, have a travel difficult, difficult parking pain, according to estimates of the Gao De map, the current Shanghai City Road (including internal road, unpaved roads and on line separation Road) about 45 thousand and 600 kilometers. In contrast, Shanghai City Road, the total mileage of 17 thousand and 800 km. In more than 27 thousand and 800 kilometers of road, is a large part of the "internal road", which includes various districts, the internal road. Thus, if the "internal road" is a part of the release, will inject a lot of liquidity for city traffic. User question: pool area 30% of the faint cry in the District, to spend money now on pay pay? Experts say: the cognition and behavior of Social Science Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University professor Jiang Hong think, first of all need not be mentioned in the document interpret out of context, is "in principle" to set boundaries, as the conflicts and contradictions may lead to a sufficient buffer time. Secondly, in the process of practice but also after the inspection, in the open area, relates to many problems, the definition of property management authority, sources of funding, which needs a lot of basic work at the bottom, it is difficult to solve the "across the board". Shanghai Jiao Tong University City Science Research Institute president Liu Shilin said, open the problem of cell to classification, such as mechanism of cultural protection unit, University, hospital and other road to completely open? Once implemented, the traffic problem could be solved or alleviated, but the other problem must also solve the matching. In fact, the basic idea to solve the traffic is the development of public transport, private cars, not to seize the other space resources, after all is limited space resources yongyun." User question: small open, we can go to the Xinghewan put barbecue? Experts say: an interview with reporters, for the open area, the public is most worried about the security problem. Tsinghua University professor of Shenyang University, believes that the district agency in Europe

新建住宅要推广街区制不再封闭引网友热议-搜狐新闻  新建住宅要推广街区制不再封闭引热议   21日,《中共中央国务院关于进一步加强城市规划建设管理工作的若干意见》(简称《意见》)出台。在这篇近万字的长文中,最受舆情关注的大概是这一百多字:“新建住宅要推广街区制,原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区。已建成的住宅小区和单位大院要逐步打开,实现内部道路公共化,解决交通路网布局问题,促进土地节约利用。树立‘窄马路、密路网’的城市道路布局理念,建设快速路、主次干路和支路级配合理的道路网系统。”   住宅小区不再封闭,唱着“我家大门常打开”的歌儿拆掉自家小区的围墙成了大家伙关切的焦点。“治安谁负责?”“以后小区楼下不断有车辆路过,大家是不是也别睡觉啦,可以起来嗨!”“公摊面积30%已经哭晕在小区的路上”这些评论纷纷上了头条。   网友提问:我们小区里那点路,拿出来“塞牙缝”都嫌窄吧?   数据解读:每位生活在大城市中的市民,都有种出行难、停车难的痛感,根据高德地图的测算,目前上海市城市道路(包括内部路、未铺设道路和上下线分离道路)约为4.56万公里。相比之下,上海市道路总里程为1.78万公里。而在多出的2.78万公里道路中,很大一部分就是“内部路”,即包括各个小区、高校的内部道路。由此可见,如果能将“内部路”中的一部分释放出来,将会为城市交通注入很大的流动性。   网友提问:公摊面积30%的哭晕在小区,花了钱现在说上交就上交?   专家说法:上海交大社会认知与行为科学研究院教授蒋宏认为,首先不必断章取义,文件里提到的是“原则上”等于设置了边界,为可能引发的冲突和矛盾留足了缓冲时间。其次,实践还要经过检验,在小区开放的过程中,涉及很多物权界定、管理权限、资金来源等问题,这些都需要有大量基础性工作垫底,很难“一刀切”解决。   上海交通大学城市科学研究院院长刘士林表示,开放小区的问题要分类处理,比如文保单位、大学、医院等机构的道路能完全开放吗?一旦实施,交通问题可能解决或缓解,但随之而来的其他问题也必须配套解决。“其实,解决交通的基本思路是发展公共交通、限制私家车,而不是抢占其他空间资源,毕竟空间资源永运是有限的。”   网友提问:小区开放了,大家以后都能去星河湾摆烧烤摊了吗?   专家说法:记者采访发现,对于开放小区,公众最担心的还是治安问题。清华大学教授沈阳认为,欧美的大学、小区基本都没有围墙,这一方面是思想开放的体现;另一方面是他们的楼栋安保比较到位。比如一些国外大学,进楼上几层全由你的ID卡决定,你的权限只能到二层,则三层的门就没法刷开。中国小区是大门看得严,里面松得很。所以,要拆墙,需要优先强化建筑物进出的安全性。   中国城市规划学会秘书长石楠认为,开放小区既涉及小区业主权益的维护、物业管理的升级、治安与配套设施的跟进等问题,仍需在制度上与法律上出台配套政策,也需要根据小区所在地段特征妥善处理开放方式。   据新华社相关的主题文章:

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