New clothes Zhang Li locomotive debut! Fan Bingbing that’s

"New clothes" Zhang Li locomotive debut! Fan Bingbing: Zhang Li Zhang Li, Zhang Li Zhang Li’s cool Sina entertainment news by the Oriental TV and hualubaina, blue flame jointly launched the star straddling fashion reality show "my new clothes" coming this week return Oriental TV screen are burning! As a popular fashion variety, the goddess of the performance of the audience is particularly looking forward to. The goddess Zhang Li joined the resident [micro-blog] has been a delightful image for the audience favorite, never thought, on the screen is the goddess Zhang Li, but privately rather handsome, domineering appearance of locomotive! The recording scene in "my new clothes" first, the other was the goddess sitter car ride scene, but Zhang Li chose the locomotive as a means of transport. Collocation on simple blue shirt and tight leather pants, highlighting the good figure also reveal a domineering. Even Fan Bingbing, who was watching in the control room, was shocked, and said, "is it true that she was riding a motorcycle on? Too cool!" This can be seen in the Zhang Li locomotive kill power is not small! Zhang Li has repeatedly in the social software drying out their fitness photos, you can see the goddess of love in the private sports. Zhang Li also frequently joked "he was bursting with boyfriend man. What her boyfriend bursting with Zhang Li and other goddesses wipe out what kind of spark? Dream of becoming a designer and how she will work with the designer to complete the theme show? Please look forward to late September 3rd 10 Premiere of "my new clothes", a surprise for you eleven announced! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章:

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