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Network transmission Beijing police set up anti telecommunications fraud reporting platform official rumor original title: 12110 not only accepted telecommunications fraud report JINGWAH Times News (reporter Chang Xin) yesterday, a Beijing police set up a "12110" anti telecommunications fraud reporting platform "message in my circle of heat transfer, said" the masses received posing as banks, telecom operators business fraud messages, the message is forwarded to the 12110, you can put the site shut down ". In this regard, the Beijing police said last night the rumor, "12110", the police station alarm message, not specifically for telecommunications fraud reporting platform, people can pay attention to "capital net police" public telecommunications fraud report no.. Yesterday, a netizen received fraudulent messages can be forwarded to the "12110" anti telecommunications fraud reporting platform closed fraud website "the news spread widely in the circle of friends," said the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up 12110 anti telecommunications fraud reporting platform, if you received posing as bank, telecom operators fraud SMS to SMS forwarding to 12110, you can put the site shut down to prevent fraud, relatives and friends cheated, please forwarded to the circle of friends". Some netizens also released their own personally experimental mobile phone screenshot, screenshot shows, the netizen will receive a link messages forwarded to 12110, then received 12110 message reply, said: "this information for fraud information, please do not open the link, do not give each other remittance or transfer", and said "I have been to Taiwan reflect the situation to inform the relevant departments to carry out the work". In this regard, the Beijing police responded yesterday, said the 12110 platform for the police’s SMS alarm desk, not a circle of friends circulated anti fraud report platform. SMS alarm desk in the treatment of SMS alarm, the police are on the scene, the police immediately deployed police rushed to the scene to carry out work to ensure that people’s lives and property protection. When people found to have illegal crime or clues, not convenient to call 110 in case of texting can report to the public security service; the consultation of the masses, timely reply or transferred to relevant departments; the masses consulting, reflecting the non policing message, the police through the form of text messages to inform the competent department of the name and contact the telephone. It is understood that in 2015 August, the Beijing police launched a WeChat version of the anti fraud report query platform, not only can report fraud information, can also query the phone, SMS, online websites, such as bank account is suspected of fraud. Internet users concerned about the capital net police WeChat public numbers can be achieved on the suspected fraud information quickly report, query function. Anti fraud report query platform and the A World Without Thieves anti fraud coalition information docking, Internet users to report information through the cloud real-time synchronous transmission to the "union" secure cloud library, through the Internet users to report information verification process, will confirm the fraud information to intercept recovery, to avoid such fraud information harm more users. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章:

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