Net about car access exit process will be released within 5 days of the audit results to inform the

Process exit network about car access released within 5 days of the audit results to inform the applicant – Beijing, Beijing morning news (reporter Zou Le) the Ministry of transportation released yesterday about the network booking taxi vehicles (referred to as network about cars) entry and exit notice workflow. Notification requirements, the network about the vehicle in accordance with the operation of passenger car management, the admissibility of the application within 5 days, the vehicle has been approved by the competent administrative department of taxi audit, registration or change to the appointment of rental passenger". According to the notification service, where the competent administrative department for rental car according to the vehicle owner or network about the car platform company, according to the specific conditions of "Interim Measures" provisions of network booking taxi service management and local management, intends to engage in network about cars to operate a vehicle for review. In the admissibility of the applicant to submit materials, inspection vehicles within 5 days, the vehicle will be eligible to review the information to the public security organs feedback, and will inform the applicant of the audit results. Audited eligible vehicles, all vehicles to the public security organs for vehicle registration or change, the public security organs through the competent authorities and taxi administrative information exchange for verification of the relevant information, in accepting the application within 5 days of administrative review by the competent authorities of taxi vehicles, registration or change to a "booking taxi", and the relevant information to the competent department of taxi administrative feedback. Do not need to re submit the vehicle inspection. Competent authorities receiving taxi administrative 5 days after the public security organs feedback information, the vehicle license has been registered as "booking taxi" vehicles issued "network appointment card" vehicle rental, and notify the applicant at the same time, through the exchange of information related to vehicle information feedback to the public security organs. The vehicle should be required to withdraw from the net about the car business, service is the administrative department in charge of car rental car rental reservation cancelled "network transport card", and the relevant vehicle information feedback to the public security organ for the exchange of information, the public security authorities for verification when change the owner of the vehicle. Notification requirements, the network about vehicle safety technical inspection and environmental testing, since the date of registration, within 5 years of annual inspection 1 times, more than 5 years, every 6 months inspection.相关的主题文章:

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