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National Trust for the first time to respond to investors: as long as the evidence has just been wrong with the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Wang Ying recently, Beijing banking regulatory bureau and the National Trust chairman Yang Xiaoyang of the National Trust in "Bohai steel" product investors made a formal response. Yang Xiaoyang told investors that "you can collect all of the data to the national trust, petition. As long as the proof of the national trust is wrong." Beijing Banking Bureau official said, "we will continue from March this year, the national trust received a complaint letters, the Banking Bureau has dispatched inspectors stationed in the national trust every day for verification, there has been some progress." These people and said, we can not ask the national trust to honor, but if you find violations of the company, we can make a corresponding punishment." According to the reporter, investors have focused on the focus of attention due to the existence of a serious loophole in the National Trust due diligence. Investors said, "after the product problems, trust companies continue to emphasize our investment risk, need caveat emptor, however, is the premise of caveat emptor sellers responsible, when the company has the management of default, investors unilateral to bear the loss is not reasonable." According to relevant sources, the trust fund has said to help protect the National Trust payment, but was rejected. For this message, as of press time reporter did not receive a response to the trust fund. The Bohai steel products spared it is understood that the National Trust has for the Bohai iron and Steel Group subsidiary set up 4 products through debt Commission investigation, Bohai steel financial debt is 192 billion yuan, the total assets of nearly 290 billion yuan, if coupled with commercial debt, Bohai steel insolvent. In Bohai steel group exposure on the occasion, the National Trust’s 4 products are all problems involving funds of about 970 million yuan. Data show that the Bohai steel four products on a quarterly interest. At present, there are 1 products default, and the remaining 3 products, the product has expired due to delayed processing, the product is about to expire on the basic can not be timely payment. Among them, the Tianjin iron and steel group loan capital trust plan issued a total of 4, raising a total of $269 million 600 thousand. Project financing for Tianjin iron and steel, the secured party is financing the controlling shareholder of Tianjin Tiangang Group to provide joint liability guarantee. Prior to being informed of the extension, the delay is still unable to pay after maturity, there has been a substantial breach. At present, the trust income during the liquidation period and more than 90% of the principal to pay the trust has not yet been allocated. "The rule of cable operators usufruct capital trust plan issued a total of 2, raising funds totaling 150 million yuan. The financing for the Tianjin metallurgical steel wire and Cable Group Co. Ltd., is a Tianjin Metallurgy Group Co to provide security measures of joint liability guarantee, and apply for compulsory execution notarization. It is reported that the two products at the same time issue, the term is different, a class of six months, one year, respectively, in February 21st and in August 21st due, the current principal of the theory相关的主题文章:

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